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Million Hotel Rooms in Your iPhone

One of the secrets of iPhone's tremendous success is availability of great software for any task. No matter how many mega pixels a manufacturer puts in a phone or how many giga bytes of memory squeezes into the tiniest area, it is software that rules the market. The platforms with the best software will survive and iPhone is definitely on board.

A while ago Mobiata released a cool application for travelers called FlightTrack. This time, the company has released even a greater application called HotelPal. HotelPal virtually puts keys to the millions of hotel rooms right into your iPhone.

In HotelPal, the hotel rooms can be searched by city, zip or current GPS location. You can view detailed photos, amenities and descriptions. Built-in Google Maps lets you quickly compare hotel locations. HotelPal provides you with real-time hotel availability and rates. The built-in hotel booking via the Travelocity Partner Network is certainly a feature that many will appreciate.

I'm confident, HotelPal will repeat FlightTrack and FlightTrack Pro results and will top the iPhone's bestseller lists. HotelPal is functional. HotelPal is useful. HotelPal is FREE. You are simply obliged to give it a try!

Follow this link to download HotelPal right away: