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Adrenaline Golf Online For iPhone Users

Indy developer Eurocenter, which has developed several online games for the iPhone and iPod touch has released Adrenaline Golf Online. The new game fully supports the OpenGL graphic extensions found in the iPhone 3GS, enabling a greater level of detail that includes water reflection effects.

Adrenalin Golf Online features 72 holes spread across four courses, a real-time physics engine, and three game modes: Classic; Star Hunter, in which players must collect stars before unlocking a hole; and Crazy Challenge, where players can't exceed a certain number of strokes to complete a course. Online play is included, and players can affect opponents by making their balls bigger or heavier, turning them into boxes, and more.

The game is also compatible with older iPhone and iPod touch models, as long as they're running iPhone OS 3.0, although those users won't see the same level of graphical detail.

Adrenalin Golf Online costs US$1.99 and is available at the App Store.