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Brian Eno Released Another iPhone Application - Trope

Brian Eno, has released a second iPhone application Trope, developed with the help of designer and musician Peter Chilvers. The new app lets users create their own ambient music by drawing patterns with their fingers. The shape of each pattern creates a different tone.

Unlike the first Eno app, Bloom, Trope is described as producing darker music that is "more introspective, more atmospheric." Particular moods can be selected from an accompanying palette.

The software requires a device with iPhone 2.2 firmware or better. For the sake of fidelity it is recommended that people use either headphones or external speakers, instead of earbuds or built-in speakers.

"Trope is a different emotional experience from Bloom - more introspective, more atmospheric. It shows that generative music, as one of the newest forms of sonema, can draw on a broad palette of moods." - Brian Eno.

Trope is available now on the App Store for £2.39 ($3.99), and Eno stresses that it's different from its predecessor.