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Dine, Nature and Pass - New iPhone Commercials

Three new iPhone commercials are released by Apple. They are posted on company’s iPhone ad gallery and already airing on U.S. prime time television. The ads mark a departure from the company's recent theme of highlighting three App Store applications per commercial and instead feature six applications per ad. Three new ads called Dine, Nature and Pass are released with the tag line “75,000 apps for just about anything”.

Dine features Trip Case (Free), New York Subway ‘09 ($4.99), Epicurious Recipes (Free), Zagat to Go ‘09 ($9.99), QuickOffice Mobile Office Suite ($9.99), GAP StyleMixer (Free).

Nature features iXpenseIt ($4.99), DailyFinance (Free), Guitar Toolkit ($9.99), Lonely Planet Mandarin ($9.99), iBird Explorer Plus ($19.99), Pizza Hut (Free).

Pass features Fandango (Free), G-Park ($0.99), VocabWiz College Vocabulary ($4.99), 365 Crosswords ($4.99), Classics ($2.99), ABC Animals ($1.99).