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New and Updated Applications from Clickgamer has just released a couple of new applications and updated some of the existing applications and games!

TomeRaider 4 is a new application from Clickgamer. It's a great e-book reader. If you remember I've written about iPhone e-book readers in the past. So, TomeRaider is one more e-book reader for your iPhone.

NightSky 2 is another new app. It is a hand held observatory.

Cocoto Kit for Kids Lite is a cool and safe game for children from age 3 to 6.

Master Kick, Safagon FullScreen Web Browser and TrakPal are updated apps.

This is a brief summary of the new and updated apps. A follow up article with more details and screenshots shall follow.

Download Links are given below:

New apps

TomeRaider 4 -
NightSky 2 -
Cocoto Kit -

Updated apps

Master Kick -
Safagon FullScreen Web Browser -
TrakPal -