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New Line of iPhone Gloves Released

iPhone users are safe even in the hardest temperatures of winter. DOTS GLOVES LLC presents three models of iPhone gloves. There is $5 difference in price between them. So what are the features the gloves are different:

Three In Touch fingertips. Perfectly balanced warmth: tight-knit acrylic yarn. Superior style: chic fingertips, discretely folded ribbed cuff, no-frills design.

Three In Touch fingertips. Cold-cutting protection: supersoft extra thick acrylic yarn, chic fingertips, speckled knitting, discretely folded ribbed cuff, no-frills design.

Three In Touch dots. Sub-zero protection: nylon shell, fleece lining. Drop-proof handling: microfiber grip palm. Superior style: seamless construction, no-frills design.

According to the DotsGloves D105 and D110 are sold out but soon available. As for the D200 it might be pre ordered.