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Ralph Lauren Launches Rugby "Make Your Own" iPhone App

Ralph Lauren's Rugby brand revealed its new "Make Your Own" iPhone application. The free app, available in the iTunes Store, lets consumers design their own version of 19 different products, including varsity sweaters, rugby shirts, polo shirts and hooded sweatshirts, directly from their iPhone.

All you have to do is just to install the free App on your iPhone and create your own Rugby shirt from scratch by selecting its style and additional patches to adorn it. There are over 1 million potential unique styles you can make. Once your shirt is done, you can either purchase it or share it with all your friends via Facebook or email.

You can even take a picture of yourself and integrate it with the polo to see if it looks good on you. You can also have some fun by switching the hair and color of your skin. If you are too busy to design your own shirt, you can directly shop at the Rugby store via this application.

If you chose to buy something, your order is sent to RL North Carolina-based fulfillment center then routed to a local store. A salesperson will call you within 72 hrs to make sure you really want that shirt with 50 ponies on it. If you do, you then give your credit card information and shipping address, etc.

In addition to the application, there will also be interactive store windows that let you do everything the app does just by touching the glass. The interactive windows are available at RL Manhattan and San Francisco locations. The display enables visitors to shop 24 hours a day.