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Rate me for free via your iPhone

Sharing photos with your friends is good but what if there is an opportunity to make it between worldwide users of the application – RateMe, which is launched by French company Mobya. Besides the app is available FREE for now on the AppStore. So iPhone users can definitely try it without any resistance.

The app’s intended to keep us entertained by allowing users to rate others’ photos and to have their own rated by people around the world. The registration is very quick and easy. One screen for registration, one for rate, one screen is to manage your settings and another shows who is to be rated. Users can upload one already existing snap or may take two snaps and directly upload them to the Rate me application.

As soon as a photo is uploaded it goes up for live voting by the community and online users may also write comments. To submit a photo, one must earn at least 10 points by rating other users’ photos, thus allowing a continuous flow of votes. So it makes this application entertaining when you're commuting, hanging out with friends or just relaxing at home.

Mobya has taken into account user privacy so as soon as one hits "stop" the photo is deleted from the community and will not be available anymore for other users to see.

Enough reading, start rating and get rated right now! Download the RateMe free of charge:

Mobya is a French company created in 2009. mobya develops innovative and practical mobile apps for next generation phones. RateMe is the third app by mobya after InstantPay and JoinMe.

Download link:

Developer link: