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Smarter Your Home Automation Systems Directly via iPhone

For those who like being in control as fast as possible there is good news. This is about home automation news from privately held company – Lagotek.

While trying to make smarter your home automation systems, the company has integrated the iPhone into Z-Wave home automation systems.

The Lagotek system uses Wi-Fi and Z-wave to talk to all sorts of things in your home from coffee makers to the lights.

How Does It Work?

It works this way:

The finished home automation system connects your home components to a system controlled by an iPhone app that allows you to adjust lighting, open, or close motorized window coverings, and control the HVAC system and more.

Lagotek's premiere software application but pricing for the app and the required control system is not offered yet.

Lagotek was founded in 2005 by four former Microsoft employees and it is located in Bellevue, WA. Lagotek developed Home Intelligence Platform (HIP) technology.

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