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Find Action With Super K.O. Boxing 2

If you like boxing and action games get closely introduced to Glu Mobile's latest release Super K.O. Boxing 2 - a terrific new game that is as intense as it is fun. The idea is to win the title belt. This is both an exercise in entertainment and futility as you take on 12 unique and eccentric boxers on your climb up the heavyweight ladder. As the K.O. Kid, you’ll need to conquer and win your way through each of the 3 circuits. You must win every bout in a circuit to earn a belt and unlock the next circuit to take on a new cast of characters.

Super K.O. Boxing 2 has 3 modes play: Circuit is the story mode where you face the most terrifying and wild boxers on your way to the world title. Versus mode consists of fights with previously defeated boxers. Challenge mode unlocks after winning your first circuit and presents specific objectives for winning a bout. Circuit mode is where you will spend most of your time, and you’ll need to show progress here before the other modes are unlocked. Each fight lasts 3 rounds each 3 minutes in length. Aside from the funny physical appearance of the boxers, each has unique attributes and powers that make them formidable opponents.

Also you have other weapons at your fingertips. Part of your task will be avoiding and dodging punches. The more you’re able to dodge punches and land your own will charge up your Super Punch Energy. Once fully charged, you can throw a Mega Punch that will floor your opponent if landed properly. The gameplay is fast paced and intense, and the AI is well balanced. Both K.O. Kid and the opponent have health gauges that recharge slightly after a knockdown. Challenge mode is even more difficult since you’ll be limited in what you can do within a short period of time.

The Super K.O. Boxing 2 app is already in App Store and it costs £2.99