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Keep Memories with The MRK e-Locket™, an iPhone application by Monica Rich Kosann

If you want to express your feelings to your loved one or loved ones there are thousands of ways to do so. But for those who are the fun and exceptionally exclusiveness lovers can use the MRK e-Locket™, an iPhone application by Designer/Photographer Monica Rich Kosann. Choose a person, put your favorite pictures into a digital version of one of our beautiful lockets, and share customized locket with your this person, family or friends via email right from your iPhone.

The MRK e-Locket is also available as a Facebook application. We are abile to customize locket with a photo from your Facebook photo gallery, as well as with an “engraved” message on the back of the locket, and share.

According to the MRK Fine Arts, LLC, “Monica Rich Kosann lockets, whether MRK e-Lockets™, Sterling Silver or 18K Gold lockets, are designed to hold what is most precious to us all; the images of our family, friends, pets and those we love. The distinctive style of our jewelry evokes the tradition of timeless elegance and heirloom quality workmanship from another era.“


• Add photos to your MRK e-Locket™ from your iPhone camera roll or Facebook photo gallery
• Move and scale photos for a perfect fit
• Type an “engraved” message on the back of each locket you send
• No limit on the number of lockets to create!
• E-mail and share a locket with anyone you’d like
• Save your favorite locket created in Facebook to your profile page