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Pet Sematary Comes to The iPhone

As Halloween is coming, Paramount Digital Entertainment released “Pet Sematary” for the iPhone and iPod touch, a top-down, tap-to-kill arcade game inspired by the classic horror film. The game costs only $.99.

In “Pet Sematary,” a grief-stricken father buries his son in an ancient animal burial ground, where it is said everything laid to rest there will come back to life. But the burial ground is for animals only; when the animals and his son rise from the grave – they have a new hunger for human flesh.

Players in Pet Sematary take on the role of a lone hero uninterested in becoming cat food. Perched on the rooftops, players will shoot down undead animals by tapping them one to four times as they race across the screen to feast on innocent townspeople.

Each level lasts less than a minute and naturally things get more difficult as the game progresses, with more and more baddies invading the screen at the same time. In-game pickups score you bonus points, replenish your health, and provide temporary weapon upgrades

Pet Sematary also includes built-in social networking features that allow players to post their high scores directly to their Facebook pages