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Rock Out With Your Rock Band

Already popular game - Rock Band is on its way to the iPhone. EA Mobile announced that the music game will make its App Store debut later this month and it will cost $3.99.

In the iPhone version from EA Mobile, the game gives you the option of playing on your own, taking a world tour (as you unlock points for new songs) or jam with up to four of your iPhone friends in person or over the internet. Linking up for 4-way multi-player mode is done over Bluetooth, so you do not even have to worry about finding a hotspot to get your jam on!The iPhone port of Rock Band gives the gamer the same look and feel as the console version – graphics, gameplay and sound effects are all very familiar. You can choose to play as a drummer, guitarist, bassist, or vocalist at any one of three difficulty levels. The core game has 20 rock songs to master, including 30 Seconds to featuring songs by the Foo Fighters, Silversun Pickups, Steve Miller Band, and the Beastie Boys, Rock Band promises to bring the rock soul of the award-winning game to the iPhone’s mobile platform.

EA Mobile hopes to make this game the first full-band multiplayer experience on the iPhone, allowing you to play with two to four bandmates at a time. If you cannot get your band together over Bluetooth, Rock Band allows synchronizing via Facebook and the use of in-game messages to check your band’s status and get together a new band. Rock Band will use the iPhone’s push notification technology to allow you to invite friends to play.

The iPhone version of the best-selling music game will feature several modes including Quick Play and Tour Mode. You start out in dive bars and work your way up to playing stadiums, collecting rewards and achievements as you progress.