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SkyMall Free App for iPhone

SkyMall has announced the release of a free iPhone app. The application allows consumers to use their iPhones to shop the SkyMall catalog.

Features of the application include a built-in gift finder, search and browsing capabilities, interactive games and a check out process which is convenient and safe. The application even allows the catalog to be browsed without a network connection.

“We are very pleased to provide this free iPhone app to our customers. It not only gives them a simple way to shop, but also provides fun games and a cool gift finder,” said SkyMall President Christine Aguilera. “Customers that shop while on the plane, can place products in the cart and checkout as soon as they have a connection. If they are on a WiFi enabled aircraft, they can place the order immediately. This is the perfect complement to the SkyMall in-flight catalog.”

The free app is available on the iTunes app store.