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Worldwide Popular iPhone Free Apps - Real Racing GTI, Fling

Uncountable number of iPhone applications is available worldwide but not all of them are as popular as these, which are presented in our review. Fast growing demand brings the popularity not only to the applications but also to their developer companies. So which free applications are mostly downloaded by worldwide iPhone users? Here we present the top free application by country* for the week, by number of downloads, recorded on October 26:
1. US - Mobile (photography)
It is a free download and has been designed to offer mainstream users with easy-to-use, on-the-go photo-editing tools. Mobile enables users to crop, rotate, flip or add special effect filters to their images using gesture-based editing. Photo saturation, tint, exposure, and vibrancy can also be enhanced before photos are uploaded to the 2GB provided of free online photo storage available at (sign-up required). The application is only available in the US and Canada App Stores.

2. Germany - Real Racing GTI (games)
Real Racing GTI is a fast-paced racing application designed by Firemint in collaboration with car manufacturer Volkswagen to celebrate the upcoming release of the 2010 model GTI. The accelerometer-controlled racing game puts players in the driver's seat of the new GTI. Depending on the choice of game mode, players can race against opponents or try to beat the clock. Great graphics and "real-feel" racing make Real Racing GTI one of the best free racing games in the app store.

3. France - SNCF Direct (travel)
SNCF Direct is an application designed by the French national railway company, SNCF. Users can use the application to look up train schedules in over 600 stations located in France. Real-time arrival and departure times are also provided and users can stay informed with up-to-the-minute notifications about delays and impending train departures. A geo-location feature enables users to pinpoint the closest station to them. A map view provides users with directions to the station from their current location. Travellers can also use the application to find out information about station opening times and to view a list of amenities located within the station.

4. UK - Fling (free) (games)
Fling is a strategy-based puzzle game where users have to plan their gameplay to pass to the next level. In each level cute, furry characters are positioned on the grass-covered game board. Players slide their finger over a character to "fling" it into an adjacent character, pushing it off the edge of the board. To win the game and move onto the next level all but one character must be eliminated from the board. Players can choose from three game modes: free play, arcade or challenge.

5. Canada - Fling (free) (games)
6. Australia -Fling (free) (games)
7. Japan - Real Racing GTI (games)
8. Italy - Real Racing GTI (games)

9. Switzerland - Inhale Helium Here (light) (entertainment)
"Inhale Helium Here" transforms your iPhone into a "helium balloon." Users "suck" on their microphone to inhale helium from the balloon on screen. As the air is inhaled, the displayed balloon gets smaller. The user then speaks into the phone's microphone. The application records the user's voice before playing it back as a warped, high-pitched helium-sounding version.

10. Russia - Real Racing GTI (games)