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Christmas Shopping Budgeting With Christmas Gifts List App

What if you have to buy Christmas gifts for parents, brothers, husband, sister, children, aunt, uncle and who else more but you have only particular amount of money. You must handle the challenge and be organized while shopping. In addition, you should better remember wishes of potential gift receivers. It could appear hard but not with the new app - Christmas Gifts List which is developed by AdamCode company. The app is so popular that its rank is 15th in paid productivity section of the iTunes App Store.

In this age of technology, you will find a new tool in the pockets and purses of many shoppers this season – the popular iPhone or iPod Touch. "Money management is extremely important to consumers right now,” said Adam Williams, President of and creator of the “Christmas Gifts List” application – a unique holiday shopping list application with a built in budgeting feature. “The iPhone, when used with the right applications is the ultimate personal organizer, and can help keep shoppers from spending more than they intended”.

How many of us have faced this so-called Christmas overspending? It starts so innocently, $10 here, $15 there but just like everything else, it adds up quickly. Still, there is no need to go the way of the Grinch. The Gifts app allows consumers to input the wish lists for everyone on their holiday shopping list, avoiding another painful trip to the mall but each person can be assigned a target budget amount as well. As gifts are purchased and prices stored in the application, the easy to use interface lets you see how much money is left in the budget for each individual.

There is also very useful feature that allows you to turn on the lock and your lists are kept secure behind a unique PIN number. The Gifts app can take some of the stress out of the holiday season, so that the consumer can concentrate on what is important.

Christmas Gifts List is already available on App Store and it costs $0.99.