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Garters and Ghouls - Beat The Horrors of The Thrum

Garters and Ghouls - game that brings journey with an action and dungeon romps. Namco Networks and game developer Big Blue Bubble have just released it for the iPhone and iPod touch. A fun little adventure game puts you in control of recently deceased d├ębutante Marie Dupois as she fights her way through the horrors of The Thrum on the hunt for her still living husband.

You start with a simple crossbow and an unlimited supply of arrows, though bonus weapons dropped by dispatched enemies grant more firepower. The steam-powered machine gun, for example, makes Swiss cheese of monsters thanks to its high rate of fire. Along with the multi-shot coil gun and explosive thermo baric grenade launcher, these secondary firearms carry a limited supply of ammunition.
Pickpocketing the wallets of fallen foes line your own pockets with gold for purchasing upgrades. Steam Queen Shops situated in certain levels allows you to buy boosts to Marie's health and movement speed, as well as improve weapons damage and ammo. The huge number of available upgrades paired with limited funds sets the stage for compelling choices.Shots regularly fly past enemies and the portals from which they spawn due to finicky targeting. The game's isometric perspective requires fussy aim and what appears to be in your line of sight often is not.

You may enjoy over 25 levels and get one for yourself because Garters and Ghouls is already available on Appl store and it costs $4.99.