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Gorilla Monkey Crunch - a new game in expectation of new record-breakers

Apple finally approves Gorilla Monkey Crunch for Thanksgiving. So players have an opportunity to play a new game for holidays.
Gorilla Monkey Crunch is a new game released by a London based iPhone and iPod Touch software development company Appnoose ltd. for iPhones and iPod touch. This is an arcade style 2D action game and is available for $0.99 in the Arcade Games section of Apple's iTunes App Store.

Easy and absorbing to play Gorilla Monkey Crunch can involve players of any age.
All you have to do is bombard other small monkeys downward with coconuts. Watch yourself not to be injured by the coconuts you throw down. If you miss the monkeys they will throw it back to you in order to damage the bridge you're sitting on and bring you down.  But the game construction provide you with the bonus timers n order to extend the time and toolkits to fix the bridge.

Record of scores have already been held by a 6 years old player with 6100 points, so you can be the next to achieve better results and post them to Facebook and Twitter.

Gorilla Monkey Crunch can be downloaded from the App Store.