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iPhone, Android & Windows Mobile - Protected by Smartphone Protection Managed Security Service

IT Security Experts, a Value Added Reseller for both Hardware and Software in the IT Security Field launched long awaited Smartphone Protection (SPMS) and GuardianEdge Encryption Managed Services (GEMS).

According to the It-Security-Experts, complete managed service protects and encrypts all company data stored and used on Windows Mobiles, I-phones, Palm Treo’s with (Symbian and Android also on their way) whilst also boasting a “remote kill function” for complete control over your companies most valuable asset “Data”.

As mentioned on the official site they experience both in On-Premis and Hosted Services made ITSE a logical choice... to take the “Blackberry” concept and create an affordable non generic, modern alternative.

It is always unpleasant to discover that your device is stolen or lost but nowadays it is less painful as ITSE's Smartphone Managed Service (SPMS) provides with full Smartphone Protection. Equipment disappearance does not mean you lose data.

SPMS (SmartPhone Managed Service) is provided on a per month, per user basis.

SPMS Benefits

• Single "provisioning" Email/SMS to access the System
• We manage the inbuilt Encryption on the new iPhone 3GS
• Fully managed 24x7x365 operations and support
• A central portal for key data recovery, audit logs, reporting and software deployment will be available around the clock through a Web Based Management Console
• Policy administration — adding or deleting users, updating policies or assigning new privileges
• Adjusting policies to comply with security requirements as defined by the organisation, or by local or national legislation
• Software upgrades — deploying software update profiles as new versions become available
• Key recovery administration — maintaining the online automated help system
• Automated Backup and Archiving of Stored Keys