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IzyPhotoTip App Helps to Catch Happy Moments in Exact Places

All travelers and photographers using iPhone going to be happy with the new IzyPhotoTip application. This app helps to mark, schedule and plan the places for the best shots ever. It makes fun from Travelling and taking photos.

While traveling there are moments when you are unable to take photos and show off places, which you want. The reason can be different, but still sometimes it is possible to come back once. By the time, you come home; you will probably forget this fabulous place … Imagine how many marvelous pictures you lose...

IzyPhotoTip enables you to store all-important information about your photographing griffes and above all, you can afterwards look up desired location, where you wish to come back, with the most suitable equipment and at the best time. IzyPhotoTip can help you find new shots and make even better pictures of the places, you have been before.

Here are main features:
• Manage your photo Tips and locations
• Easy and quick GPS support
• Categorize your tips
• Support for tags
• Add image(s) (iPhone camera or Photo Library) to your Tips
• Save the best time for shooting the location
• Filter your Tips by name, notes, category or tags
• Roaming Friendly!
• Share Tips with friends
• Display Tips around you or around selected Tip
• and many more features!

Supported Languages: - English/Czech
System Requirements:

• iPhone™ with OS version equal or greater than 3.0.
• Activated data plan for map access and Tip sharing.

The IzyPhotoTip applicationis already in the apple store and it costs $3.99.