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Join Me Even If You Are So Far Away

When you are waiting for someone, it is not necessary anymore to wonder how far that person is. No more intrusive calls and boring text message like - "Almost there!". JoinMe is an attention-grabbing iPhone app developed by mobya, it can be used to locate your contacts who have an iPhone too. It sends an invitation, which can be accepted or declined, and once the request has been accepted, users can follow the radar to find the person, making it useful for connecting with friends at the mall or to monitor locations of children. Nice concept but let us get closer look.

JoinMe is an app intended to be useful and practical but also fun. For activation, both users need iPhones (with a GPS for better accuracy) and mobya accounts. After that JoinMe allows you to track the person you are waiting for in real time, see how far they are and how fast they are walking/running/driving to meet you. JoinMe is very simple to use-one button only-and respectful of your privacy: the localization request has to be approved before any information is sent; and as soon as one of the two people disconnects, information is no longer transmitted. JoinMe works with the new Apple notification. Choose your contact's email and they will be alerted automatically just like when they receive a text message.

It works this way:
1. Select the e-mail of the person you are waiting for from your address book and send them an invitation to connect.
2. They will receive a notification by email and in the JoinMe app if it is open, they can accept or refuse your request.
3. You will be able to share information about the distance from each other and the speed of each moving person.

Here are more features: Works with iPhone 1st Gen, 3G, and 3GS; Choose Miles or Kilometers; Select your contact by email; Displays your contact’s photo from your address book; Automatic shuts off your screen when you put it in your pocket/bag; Estimated time of arrival (for informational purposes only)

JoinMe is already available in App Store and it costs $0.99.

Mobya is a French company created in 2009. Mobya develops innovative and practical mobile apps for next generation phones. In addition, company developed other app like InstantPay and RateMe.