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Renewed RateMe App

Do you remember our review about RateMe app? Particular time has passed after that but RateMe is still getting scores in popularity among iPhone users. In addition, developer company Mobya made changes within the app and new useful features are already added, that is how we get RateMe version2.

An interesting one - "My photos" section is added. Now you can send as many photos as you want and come back later to review the results and comments. Also you can start and stop your photos at will.

The second is that now users have possibility to slide on photos (in addition to the next button) and a hidden function that allows them to skip a photo that they do not wish to vote on. Vote on one and they can skip the next one! Nevertheless, a warning to big voters, the photo that they have not voted on will probably come back eventually ;)

There was a lot of discussion around whether the app should stay free or not. Mobya decided to leave it free by adding advertisements within the comments. If the company has enough feedback of user asking for an ad-free version, they may do premium version without ads.

Features, in details:
• Take a photo using the app or choose one from your album;
• Change gender preferences in settings--choose to rate only men, only women or both!;
• Each comment shows what country the user is from;
• Press "stop" to take your photo off the voting pool;
• See average ratings for each photo;
• Fairness meter shows how fair you are being in comparison to other users

Here are some interesting figures: since the launch a few weeks ago, we can now count almost 300,000 votes for 10,000 photos uploaded. It looks very promising.

JoinMe is already available in App Store as it said it is free.

Mobya is a French company created in 2009. Mobya develops innovative and practical mobile apps for next generation phones. In addition, company developed other app like InstantPay and JoinMe.