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Welcome to Santa's Village

Learning English language that is spoken by 350 million non-natives and 250 million natives is getting easier and more interesting with the new application Santa's Village. The Christmas themed game brings fun with hand drawn, computer painted graphics and original folk music. Each activity is focused on providing educational value including letters of the alphabet, memory, concentration and learning the reindeer names.

The village is divided on East and West side: The Sleigh Workshop will bring you to the Night Before Christmas activity. Here you have to help Santa launch his sleigh through the magic star portal and then deliver the gifts around the world by remembering the order of continents and countries. Oh, Christmas Tree plays bells and you have to play them in the same order with a new bell added at the end of each round. Click on the coral to play Reindeer Match'em Up where you will match 8 lively reindeer figures in a memory game. The snowman will bring you to Snowman Math where you get to build a snowman by solving math problems. Clicking on the snowman delivers a special surprise as well. Whenever you want, you can click on the green right arrow to scroll to the west side of the village.

The toys building will take you to the Santa's Workshop activity. You will find out Santa's List, which has your young ones matching names that have the same first letter or containing the letters shown. In the auditorium on the lower right, you can play the Bear Piano activity. You can also click on the train station to hear a nice train whistle and restart the train if it is stopped. Click on the polar bear in the auditorium and you get to play a polar bear piano.
Activity matching letter shown with first letter of names;
Activity playing bells as the same order shown. 1 new bell added after each round;
Activity with matching of either 8 reindeer;
Great background music and sound effects;
Fun and educational at the same;
A point system that gives bonuses for extra concentration;
A system that allows children of any age to enjoy and win.

Santa's Village is already available on the App Store and it costs $1.99.