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iJiggle – pretty entertaining app for boys

Boys, still don't know what to get engaged with in your spare time? Well, for those who are not informed yet, you have an opportunity to get agreeably involved in an activity of jiggling and smearing any object on the photos of ladies (and not only ladies) getting quite funny results. Just select a photo from your album or take a new picture. Then you can smear it the way you want with your finger and then make it jiggle. The effect is quite amazing. Besides you can play with the jiggles while it's jiggling with the accelerometer or directly with your finger and you can change the size and springiness with the settings button and sliders. All you need is to get an iJiggle iPhone app and enjoy it.

The app possesses the fallowing features:

  • Photos can be taken right in the App
  • Works on ANY object due to a more flexible interpolation mode.
  • Full Multitouch
  • The new “Inflate” setting for adding size when it is needed
  • Fully interactive when jiggling. Poke and prod it on the fly.

As for the new for version 1.1.2 – it now can save and load your jiggled images with the new film strip, it has much smoother and faster interpolation scheme and it can delete photos now too.

Thus, this funny app will not let you yawn and get bored while amusing with it.

This app is available at the App Stores.