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Microsoft Bing enables voice search on iPhone

A new app has just recently released  by Microsoft Bing featuring new enhancements in voice search and location-based services. According to an official Bing blog posting, voice search capabilities of the app have already found their way onto Windows mobiles and BlackBerry devices.

With this app it’s rather convenient to find out in a very short time what the weather is in San-Francisco for example or a more complex command like concrete address location.  All you have to do just hold the phone to your ear and speak, or press the mic button.

The Bing app is also very useful as it can locate restaurants, banks, theatres and other places of interest by category being in the area and give you right directions.

Besides, the home page of the app includes the Bing search bar and six “clickable hotspots" to take the user to images, movies, maps, businesses, news and directions.

The great news is that the Bing App is free and can be downloaded either from the App Store or from iTunes.