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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Skype for iPhone Crashes All the Time

Skype was probably one of the most anticipated and much wanted applications for iPhone. While some of the all-in-one instant messengers like Nimbuzz do provide Skype connectivity, I always prefer an official application.

I installed Skype on my iPhone immediately it became available on the App Store. Unfortunately, the application crashes and shutsdown frequently. No, practically it's useless. I'm not sure whether it is my iPhone to blame or there are some problems with the application. Anyhow, it's really great to see Skype coming to iPhone and hopefully the developers will quickly fix whatever problems or bugs may be in the current release.

Download Skype for iPhone now! It's free of course.
Saturday, March 28, 2009

iPhone 3.0 Safari JavaScript Performance Gets 3x Speed Boost

JavaScript performance has become a battleground for desktop-based browsers recently. It's not surprise that Apple has taken care of this direction on iPhone as well. The reason is simple. With the advent of complex web applications, JavaScript performance has become a critical factor for a browser success.

Ars Technica has published results of a rather interesting research. According to the findings,early JavaScript benchmarks from iPhones running a beta of iPhone OS 3.0 suggest the new version will bring big speed gains to web apps running in Mobile Safari, even on existing iPhone hardware.

In a nutshell, we shall see a 3x speed improvement. It is even speculated that the browser on iPhone 3.0 will deliver a 16x speed boost over the existing version of Mobile Safari in iPhone OS 2.2.

Well, I think we have to wait and see the final results when the iPhone 3.0 becomes available.

GRAPH SOURCE: Ars Technica
Friday, March 20, 2009

Nimbuzz - VoIP on iPhone without Jailbreaking

In the previous post I have briefly discussed why I use a jailbroken iPhone. iPhone software 3.0 narrows the reasons for jailbreaking. Even with the new features present in iPhone 3.0 there's still one area for which I need a jailbroken iPhone and it is VoIP. Yes, there's a cool SIP software called Siphon, which is available on jailbroken iPhones only. However, even this reason for jailbreaking may become unnecessary and this is why.

Yesterday I got an update of a popular messenger application Nimbuzz. Incidentally, a couple of minutes later I got an interesting e-mail from Numbuzz folks. It turns out that "it has taken quite a few rejections with Apple" but finally new Nimbuzz is available via the App Store.

New Nimbuzz sports not only a new and updated interface but a whole array of VoIP functionality. SkypeOut is there. Support for a popular VoIP provider SipGate is there too and a lot more. To be short, new Nimbuzz rocks.

Unfortunately, I've experienced some problems with SipGate. Namely, the dialing worked, but I could not get an incoming call. SkypeOut works fantastically well.

All in all, Nimbuzz is going to the right direction and in my opinion Nimbuzz is one of the best (if not the best) messengers available for iPhone. It must noted that the VoIP functionality works both on WiFi and 3G connections alike.
Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why Have I Jailbroken My iPhone?

Have you ever asked yourself why people jailbreak iPhones? Well, I think that Apple has placed some artificial restrictions on iPhone. For example, we know that iPhone is inherently a multi-tasking capable device. Yet, we don't get this feature. Jailbreak your iPhone and it will be come multi-tasking-enabled. A number of other areas can be mentioned where jailbreaking iPhone makes sense.

Recently, I've been asking myself a question why I have jailbroken iPhone. To admit, there are only a couple reasons. First, jailbreaking has given me much needed multitasking. Second, I use a VoIP application Siphon. Finally, there is one serious reason - tethering. I have switched to iPhone from Nokia E90 Communicator. I'm acustomed to using mobile phones as modems. So, why shall I not be able to use iPhone - a 3.5G device as a modem?

Unfortunately, even with iPhone 3.0 software, jailbreaking might remain the only way to fully use iPhones potential. So sad, so sad.
Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Meet iPhone 3.0

Today is a big day indeed. Although I believe we won't get the full preview of iPhone 3.0, we will learn much about this important update. Is Apple adding some of the iPhone's most heavily requested software features? Nobody knows for sure. There have been so many rumors about iPhone 3.0 recently that it has become really difficult to assume anything. Below are a couple of features that are believed to be present in iPhone 3.0. But again, these are only assumptions.

Cut/Copy and Paste - of course this is one of the missed functions. Especially, if you've switched to iPhone from Symbian or WinMo.

Push Notifications - This was promised by Apple so most likely we'll see this one implemented.

Background Multitasking - Jailbroken iPhone owners do get multitasking via an application available on Cydia. However, it's better to have multitasking which is supported by Apple.

MMS - I personally don't use MMS but I know many people like this functionality.

It is also believed that a couple of other stuff will be present in iPhone 3.0 like tethering, compass, premium app store plus and a new app launcher.

Again, all of the above are just assumptions. We'll have to wait and see what kind of a surprise Apple has prepared for us.

Stay tuned and don't forget to subscribe to our RSS feed.
Sunday, March 15, 2009

E-book Readers for iPhone

iPhone is a pretty good device for reading e-books. As an e-book reading device, iPhone has become even more interesting after Amazon released the Kindle application for iPhone. But is Kindle for iPhone the best e-book reading software?

I've tried eReader, Kindle for iPhone and Stanza. I find Stanza to be the most functional and useful e-book reader application for iPhone. Stanza is a feature-rich application and a lot of free e-books are available for it, 25,000+ free titles from Project Gutenberg for example.

These three e-book reader application are free. Thus, you can try and decide which to keep on your iPhone. After using these applications, I've decided to keep Kindle and Stanza.
Friday, March 06, 2009

Metal Gear on iPhone - Guaranteed Excitement

Games that are already available on iPhone leave no doubts about the computing power of the wonder device. iPhone games practically feature complexity and detail of graphics and animation equal to those of desktop games just a couple of years ago. To admit, iPhone is the only mobile handset on which I've played games and they are really exciting (yes yes I can hear NGage users screaming but come on iPhone is way more powerful).

I believe more excitement will come when Konami releases Metal Gear Solid Touch for iPhone. The company has released new screenshots and they are indeed tempting. Metal Gear on iPhone will feature 20 levels of action. It's known that the first 12 levels will be released for iPhone and iPod Touch this month. The rest of the levels will follow as a free update for existing owners.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Using Google Reader? Get Readello

I must admit, I'm a big fan of Google mobile applications (who is not?). Google apps are in the desktop browser and they are in iPhone's Safari. Sometimes I feel scared by thinking how attached to Google we are (at least I am).

However, yesterday I got an e-mail from Mr. Kevin Rood of Acceletron Corporation, creator of an RSS reader application called Readello. What is so special about Readello? Unlike traditional RSS readers, Readello synchronizes with your Google RSS Reader account. Thus, Readello does not replace Google RSS Reader. Rather, Readello is a perfect companion and if you use the Google RSS Reader, you should get Readello for sure.

As soon as you run Readello, you feel that the application is well organized and you can be syncing with your Google Reader account in less then 20 seconds. Basically, you just provide your account details and you are done. Another good thing about Readello in terms of synchronizing is that you control the age of the feed items.

The only downside is that Readello is not free and costs $3.99. However, according to the developer, the company plans to update Readello on a regular basis and thus possible glitches should be fixed quickly. To admit, I've been using Readello for a couple of hours now and I have not found any problems so far.

You can download Readello from the App Store at
Sunday, March 01, 2009

iPhone for $2.5 Million

Peter Aloisson is an Austrian designer-jeweller who is famous for turning an ordinary gadget into a masterpiece of art and jewellery. Since 1998 he has been releasing diamond-encrusted mobile phones. As for prices, they usually start from 30 grands. The 1.3 million dollar diamond phone was Mr. Aloisson's craft as well. Do you think 1.3 million is a limit?

Last year, Mr. Aloisson made a 52,000 Euro Nokia E90 Communicator. This time Mr. Aloisson tried his craft on Apple's wonder device. The iPhone was "customized" with solid 18-carat yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. The white gold line is encrusted with a total of 139 brilliant cut diamonds of the best quality. However, the best part was saved for the Home button. It features a rare 6.6-carat diamond. What about the price? It's just 1,790,000 Euros ($2.5 million). WOW!

Well, personally I don't much like such things, but I guess there are people out there who would not mind giving up big bucks for having an iPhone that glitters!
Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sorry this Truphone is not for the iPhone

Truphone has been living on my iPhone for a while but to admit I don't use it frequently. A I have a jailbroken iPhone, I use Siphon for all my VoIP needs.

However, recently, Truphone got an update enabling chatting and calling Skype users. This makes Truphone a really useful application.

Yesterday, I tried updating the application and once the process was complete, I ran the application and I got a weird screen saying "Sorry this product is not for the iPhone"

I guess something went wrong and the App Store installed an iPod version. I have not idea.