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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Keeper - a Free Alternative for Your Sensitive Data

In the previous post, I have introduced you with SafeWallet - a commercial application for securing your sensitive data on iPhone and iPod touch. In this post, I would like to speak about a freeware alternative from Callpod, Inc. called Keeper.

After using Keeper for over a week, I found this application to be extremely useful. The application sports a sleek and intuitive user interface. Your data is protected with a 128-bit AES encryption. One of the features that I love about Keeper is the ability to sync with Mac and PC desktops and sync with multiple computers.

One more powerful feature is the Self-Destruct mode. If an intruder enters a wrong password five times, all data is erased. You can disable this feature if you prefer.

I highly recommend this application and it's so cool to see software of this class available free of charge on App Store. Keeper is a truly freeware - no ads, no spam, no catch.

Download Keeper now.
Sunday, May 10, 2009

Protect Your Sensitive Information with SafeWallet

Personally I carry a lot of sensitive and private information on my iPhone. This includes a couple of credit card numbers, over two dozen passwords, several bank account numbers and more. Storing this type of information in a clear text format may be the most stupid decision one can make. Therefore, we need some sort of protection. That's when security applications enter the game.

SBSH Mobile Software has recently released SafeWallet for iPhone/iPod Touch. SafeWallet is a popular program for BlackBerry and Symbian S60 platforms and now we can enjoy this application on iPhone and iPod Touch as well.

SafeWallet uses a 256-bit AES encryption engine similar to US government standards. Auto-Close feature is supported.

SafeWallet comes with pre-defined templates for your personal needs. You can add and manage fields from existing cards. You also get icon library with over 250 professionally designed icons.

You can use Favorites folder to access your most used cards.

SafeWallet features simple and user friendly interface and you can copy passwords to clipboard.

SafeWallet is a commercial application and costs $5.99. You can purchase the application at

Now, here comes good news for our readers. The developer of SafeWallet has provided us with 3 App Store codes. The codes will be given to the first 3 readers who will e-mail me. You can find the contact info here.