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Friday, August 28, 2009

Tap Your iPhone for Tapas

Last summer I attended the Formula 1 Grand Pix of Europe in Valencia and spent a spectacular summer vacation in Spain. Before visiting new places, I have a habit of learning local cuisine. Spanish cuisine is quite rich. Unfortunately, I did not have much time for looking up interesting Spanish dishes. I wish, I just wish, I've had this iPhone application called Tapas Recipes.

However, don't let the name of the application mislead you. Tapas (appetizer / snack) Recipes contains snacks, traditional dishes, fish dishes and desserts as well. You not only get a brief description with a nice photo, but can see the list of ingredients and the preparation instructions as well.

Tapas Recipes does not require an Internet connection. Thus, you can look up tapas even if you don't have access to the Internet.

The application's main screen is organized in four categories: Tapas and Starters, Traditional Dishes, Spanish fish recipes and Spanish desserts. Click any of the category items and you get an alphabetically sorted list of recipes.
The recipe screen is very well organized. The first screen shows a brief Description along with a photo. It must be noted that the photos are of a very good quality. The second screen shows Ingredients required for a particular recipe and the third screen shows Preparation. You can easily switch between these screens.

As the developer mentions, future releases will contain even more recipes.

Download Tapas Recipes now:
Monday, August 24, 2009

iFriendCode - a Real Time Saver for Online Gamers

If you play online games from your iPhone or iPod touch this news is for you. Are you tired of hunting friend codes? Do you want to become a more efficient player? Ever wanted there to be a single place for all of your codes out there? As a matter of fact there is one and it's called

As of writing this, supports almost 25 games including Mafia LIVE!, iMOBSTERS, GIRL Wars Online and WAR LORDS. Well, you get the idea. Almost all popular games are there and they're waiting for you.

Using iFriendCode is very simple. First, you register of course and then the whole code thing begins. The web site offers a couple of really nice features. A quick example. Suppose someone checks a code that you have for a game. Then when you log in you won't have to do a reverse process. You get the idea? If the other side has initiated the "friendship", you don't need to.

Well, if you aren't in "stamina" games, all this code stuff may sound like Greek to you. However, if you've played this type of games at least once, then you will certainly use, which by the way was created by Greek programmer Angelos Papaioannidis and his business partner Nikolaos Anastopoulos. Keep up the great job guys!

Unfortunately, I experienced a couple of glitches with the site albeit minor ones. I recommend to give it a try. I will keep an eye on and publish a follow up post when new games are available or new features are added.
Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Million Hotel Rooms in Your iPhone

One of the secrets of iPhone's tremendous success is availability of great software for any task. No matter how many mega pixels a manufacturer puts in a phone or how many giga bytes of memory squeezes into the tiniest area, it is software that rules the market. The platforms with the best software will survive and iPhone is definitely on board.

A while ago Mobiata released a cool application for travelers called FlightTrack. This time, the company has released even a greater application called HotelPal. HotelPal virtually puts keys to the millions of hotel rooms right into your iPhone.

In HotelPal, the hotel rooms can be searched by city, zip or current GPS location. You can view detailed photos, amenities and descriptions. Built-in Google Maps lets you quickly compare hotel locations. HotelPal provides you with real-time hotel availability and rates. The built-in hotel booking via the Travelocity Partner Network is certainly a feature that many will appreciate.

I'm confident, HotelPal will repeat FlightTrack and FlightTrack Pro results and will top the iPhone's bestseller lists. HotelPal is functional. HotelPal is useful. HotelPal is FREE. You are simply obliged to give it a try!

Follow this link to download HotelPal right away: