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Monday, November 30, 2009

iPhone 3G or Blackberry Storm? Still can’t resolve the dilemma?

There have been many debates regarding the choice of the best high-tech device between iPhone 3G and Blackberry Storm.  Undoubtedly they are meant for the different categories of consumers varying mainly between business and entertaining goals according to the features listed below:

For Blkackberry Storm the advantages are: Stereo Bluetooth capability (a good opportunity to  listen to your music collections via Bluetooth, wireless headsets without buying a third-party adapter), Removable battery (in case of using up it can be replaced by a new one easily, while the iPhone’s battery is fixed in), expandable memory (an expandable microSD media card slot allows to accommodate cards up to 16GB, but many prefer the iPhone's fixed 8GB or 16 GB memory to a Stoprm’s tiny extra card), Video Recording(for those who consider video capture more essential Storm is better for its 3.2 megapixel to the contrary of iPhone with its 2.0 megapixels).

As for the iPhone 3G: it’s now second-generation, it has a pretty cool design. What makes the Phone usability simple is the famous Safari browser. Surfing and zooming with two fingers on the pages is a real happiness. On the Facebook wall posts, friends, photos, all that becomes easier to arrange with iPhone which displays all the strengths of your community that are on the screen of a real computer. It possesses iTunes App store with a huge variety of iTunes, iTunes integration and iPod media player. So if music listening is your favorite leisure go ahead with choosing iPhone. As for Wi-Fi support with 3G you can have quite convenient internet score wherever you go.  Regarding the applications it still remains better than Blackberry devices.

At the end it should be noticed that no matter who you are - the busiest businessman or a joyful teenager both of these devices might be quite attractive for all of you.  Perhaps the best solution is to acquire the both to satisfy all your inner needs.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Gorilla Monkey Crunch - a new game in expectation of new record-breakers

Apple finally approves Gorilla Monkey Crunch for Thanksgiving. So players have an opportunity to play a new game for holidays.
Gorilla Monkey Crunch is a new game released by a London based iPhone and iPod Touch software development company Appnoose ltd. for iPhones and iPod touch. This is an arcade style 2D action game and is available for $0.99 in the Arcade Games section of Apple's iTunes App Store.

Easy and absorbing to play Gorilla Monkey Crunch can involve players of any age.
All you have to do is bombard other small monkeys downward with coconuts. Watch yourself not to be injured by the coconuts you throw down. If you miss the monkeys they will throw it back to you in order to damage the bridge you're sitting on and bring you down.  But the game construction provide you with the bonus timers n order to extend the time and toolkits to fix the bridge.

Record of scores have already been held by a 6 years old player with 6100 points, so you can be the next to achieve better results and post them to Facebook and Twitter.

Gorilla Monkey Crunch can be downloaded from the App Store.
Thursday, November 26, 2009

A new virus attacking the users of jailbroken iPhones

A new computer virus attacks the  iPhones and iPod Touch. It has been revealed by the company Sophos which specializes in computer security. The virus of type "duh" or "Ikee.B.", records and transmits personal information, including passwords, as well as  changes the administrative password of the device.

Main symptoms of infection may be revealed by shortening significantly battery life when the WiFi network access is enabled. The virus uses WiFi to transmit recorded information and broad cast on other devices. A worm first appeared on the iPhone last month but was not so dangerous. It is to notice that the worm only infects unlocked  iPhones and iPod Touch.

According to Sophos representatives, Apple's default root password - 'alpine' can't be a guaranty of security for most iPhone users as the new  worm may break in and and change it any way by directly editing the encrypted value of the password in the master password file, so that the new password can never be revealed. To avoid such kind of infections, Sophos strongly suggests to all users of jail-broken phones to change their passwords from  'alpine'  immediately.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

iLinguist West - 250 000 Words For Your iPhone

Translator could appear useful for almost everyone and there is nothing better when you pay once and use it forever. iLinguist West translator is an off-line dictionary which translates between English and one of 5 other languages: German, French, Italian, Dutch and Finnish.

The translator works off-line so no internet connection is required - no costs for roaming data when abroad and using your dictionary. The dictionary contains 250 000 words pairs in total, performs reverse translations, and additional searches on Wikipedia or Google (for this feature internet connection is required).

iLinguist West is already available on App Store and it costs $4.99.

Here are more features how to use it, watch our video instruction.

Apps Dev team is developing team for iPhone located in Czech Republic. You can follow our reference and visit the iLinguist East off-line translator, with which you can translate between English and five Eastern European languages (Czech, Russian, Polish, Slovak and Croatian).

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas Shopping Budgeting With Christmas Gifts List App

What if you have to buy Christmas gifts for parents, brothers, husband, sister, children, aunt, uncle and who else more but you have only particular amount of money. You must handle the challenge and be organized while shopping. In addition, you should better remember wishes of potential gift receivers. It could appear hard but not with the new app - Christmas Gifts List which is developed by AdamCode company. The app is so popular that its rank is 15th in paid productivity section of the iTunes App Store.

In this age of technology, you will find a new tool in the pockets and purses of many shoppers this season – the popular iPhone or iPod Touch. "Money management is extremely important to consumers right now,” said Adam Williams, President of and creator of the “Christmas Gifts List” application – a unique holiday shopping list application with a built in budgeting feature. “The iPhone, when used with the right applications is the ultimate personal organizer, and can help keep shoppers from spending more than they intended”.

How many of us have faced this so-called Christmas overspending? It starts so innocently, $10 here, $15 there but just like everything else, it adds up quickly. Still, there is no need to go the way of the Grinch. The Gifts app allows consumers to input the wish lists for everyone on their holiday shopping list, avoiding another painful trip to the mall but each person can be assigned a target budget amount as well. As gifts are purchased and prices stored in the application, the easy to use interface lets you see how much money is left in the budget for each individual.

There is also very useful feature that allows you to turn on the lock and your lists are kept secure behind a unique PIN number. The Gifts app can take some of the stress out of the holiday season, so that the consumer can concentrate on what is important.

Christmas Gifts List is already available on App Store and it costs $0.99.

Saturday, November 21, 2009 Episode: Sonar Ruler

Here comes a new episode of Sonar Ruler, the iPhone app released by Laan Labs. This app takes iPhone to the extreme and is really great. Sonar Ruler helps users measure the distance of objects by making use of soundwaves! Perfect and now check out the video...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Renewed RateMe App

Do you remember our review about RateMe app? Particular time has passed after that but RateMe is still getting scores in popularity among iPhone users. In addition, developer company Mobya made changes within the app and new useful features are already added, that is how we get RateMe version2.

An interesting one - "My photos" section is added. Now you can send as many photos as you want and come back later to review the results and comments. Also you can start and stop your photos at will.

The second is that now users have possibility to slide on photos (in addition to the next button) and a hidden function that allows them to skip a photo that they do not wish to vote on. Vote on one and they can skip the next one! Nevertheless, a warning to big voters, the photo that they have not voted on will probably come back eventually ;)

There was a lot of discussion around whether the app should stay free or not. Mobya decided to leave it free by adding advertisements within the comments. If the company has enough feedback of user asking for an ad-free version, they may do premium version without ads.

Features, in details:
• Take a photo using the app or choose one from your album;
• Change gender preferences in settings--choose to rate only men, only women or both!;
• Each comment shows what country the user is from;
• Press "stop" to take your photo off the voting pool;
• See average ratings for each photo;
• Fairness meter shows how fair you are being in comparison to other users

Here are some interesting figures: since the launch a few weeks ago, we can now count almost 300,000 votes for 10,000 photos uploaded. It looks very promising.

JoinMe is already available in App Store as it said it is free.

Mobya is a French company created in 2009. Mobya develops innovative and practical mobile apps for next generation phones. In addition, company developed other app like InstantPay and JoinMe.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Join Me Even If You Are So Far Away

When you are waiting for someone, it is not necessary anymore to wonder how far that person is. No more intrusive calls and boring text message like - "Almost there!". JoinMe is an attention-grabbing iPhone app developed by mobya, it can be used to locate your contacts who have an iPhone too. It sends an invitation, which can be accepted or declined, and once the request has been accepted, users can follow the radar to find the person, making it useful for connecting with friends at the mall or to monitor locations of children. Nice concept but let us get closer look.

JoinMe is an app intended to be useful and practical but also fun. For activation, both users need iPhones (with a GPS for better accuracy) and mobya accounts. After that JoinMe allows you to track the person you are waiting for in real time, see how far they are and how fast they are walking/running/driving to meet you. JoinMe is very simple to use-one button only-and respectful of your privacy: the localization request has to be approved before any information is sent; and as soon as one of the two people disconnects, information is no longer transmitted. JoinMe works with the new Apple notification. Choose your contact's email and they will be alerted automatically just like when they receive a text message.

It works this way:
1. Select the e-mail of the person you are waiting for from your address book and send them an invitation to connect.
2. They will receive a notification by email and in the JoinMe app if it is open, they can accept or refuse your request.
3. You will be able to share information about the distance from each other and the speed of each moving person.

Here are more features: Works with iPhone 1st Gen, 3G, and 3GS; Choose Miles or Kilometers; Select your contact by email; Displays your contact’s photo from your address book; Automatic shuts off your screen when you put it in your pocket/bag; Estimated time of arrival (for informational purposes only)

JoinMe is already available in App Store and it costs $0.99.

Mobya is a French company created in 2009. Mobya develops innovative and practical mobile apps for next generation phones. In addition, company developed other app like InstantPay and RateMe.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Griffin Launches Two New Threadless Cases for iPhone

Griffin Technology and community-based online apparel store Threadless has announced a partnership to produce two limited edition two iPhone cases, selling together with the t-shirts of the same design.

The two iPhone cases were designed by Joe Van Etering - ‘Clouds withing thunder’ iPhone case and Ross Zietz who designed the ‘Birds of a feather’ iPhone case.

Each single-piece thin polycarbonate case offers a thickness of less than 1mm, and open access to all ports, controls, and the camera. In addition, like the t-shirt designs on which they are based, each case design is made in limited quantities.

Both new Griffin+Threadless cases for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS are available now and sell for $35, whilst the matching t-shirts are available from Threadless for $18.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies

Activision has released the first official iPhone game in the franchise in the shape of Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies. This is the same zombie experience found in the console version of World at War, The iPhone shooter offers three control schemes and multiplayer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, so you can either set up a local match or play with folks across the planet. You cannot play online over the network, though.

Like many recent first person games on the iPhone, Zombies supports a variety of different control schemes including both ”virtual” on-screen analog sticks, and a tilt-based scheme.

Right now, World at War: Zombie on iPhone is just a single map, called “Nacht der Untoten” (Night of the Undead). Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies uses leader boards to track the best scores and achievements chart your own personal progress. Activision is already promising to support Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies with downloadable content in the future. Activision set the entry price at $9.99.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Protection One Released Security Application for iPhone

Protection One, Inc. released eSecure, a free iPhone application. The new app allows users to access their security panels and receives real-time security updates from their iPhone or iPod touch.

By the help of the application, users can confirm that their security system is armed while on vacation or turn off the alarm while at work to let in cleaning crews or other contractors. When armed, the eSecure system will send text or e-mail messages when motion is detected, a particular door is opened, in the event of a flood, if high carbon-monoxide levels are recorded and even when a liquor or medicine cabinet, safe or other sensitive area is accessed.

“No one wants to spend a vacation or business trip worrying about leaving the garage door open or if the security alarm is set,” says Protection One President and CEO Richard Ginsburg. “This application puts security at your fingertips and keeps you connected, even when you’re away.”

The application maintains safety and security with multiple layers of password protection. A standard Protection One keypad code is required for access to the eSecure keypad, which is neither stored on the device nor visible to anyone looking at the screen.

The application is available for download now from Protection One at the iPhone Apps Stor. The app is compatible with all iPhone and iPod touch devices

Monday, November 09, 2009

Garters and Ghouls - Beat The Horrors of The Thrum

Garters and Ghouls - game that brings journey with an action and dungeon romps. Namco Networks and game developer Big Blue Bubble have just released it for the iPhone and iPod touch. A fun little adventure game puts you in control of recently deceased débutante Marie Dupois as she fights her way through the horrors of The Thrum on the hunt for her still living husband.

You start with a simple crossbow and an unlimited supply of arrows, though bonus weapons dropped by dispatched enemies grant more firepower. The steam-powered machine gun, for example, makes Swiss cheese of monsters thanks to its high rate of fire. Along with the multi-shot coil gun and explosive thermo baric grenade launcher, these secondary firearms carry a limited supply of ammunition.
Pickpocketing the wallets of fallen foes line your own pockets with gold for purchasing upgrades. Steam Queen Shops situated in certain levels allows you to buy boosts to Marie's health and movement speed, as well as improve weapons damage and ammo. The huge number of available upgrades paired with limited funds sets the stage for compelling choices.Shots regularly fly past enemies and the portals from which they spawn due to finicky targeting. The game's isometric perspective requires fussy aim and what appears to be in your line of sight often is not.

You may enjoy over 25 levels and get one for yourself because Garters and Ghouls is already available on Appl store and it costs $4.99.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Welcome to Santa's Village

Learning English language that is spoken by 350 million non-natives and 250 million natives is getting easier and more interesting with the new application Santa's Village. The Christmas themed game brings fun with hand drawn, computer painted graphics and original folk music. Each activity is focused on providing educational value including letters of the alphabet, memory, concentration and learning the reindeer names.

The village is divided on East and West side: The Sleigh Workshop will bring you to the Night Before Christmas activity. Here you have to help Santa launch his sleigh through the magic star portal and then deliver the gifts around the world by remembering the order of continents and countries. Oh, Christmas Tree plays bells and you have to play them in the same order with a new bell added at the end of each round. Click on the coral to play Reindeer Match'em Up where you will match 8 lively reindeer figures in a memory game. The snowman will bring you to Snowman Math where you get to build a snowman by solving math problems. Clicking on the snowman delivers a special surprise as well. Whenever you want, you can click on the green right arrow to scroll to the west side of the village.

The toys building will take you to the Santa's Workshop activity. You will find out Santa's List, which has your young ones matching names that have the same first letter or containing the letters shown. In the auditorium on the lower right, you can play the Bear Piano activity. You can also click on the train station to hear a nice train whistle and restart the train if it is stopped. Click on the polar bear in the auditorium and you get to play a polar bear piano.
Activity matching letter shown with first letter of names;
Activity playing bells as the same order shown. 1 new bell added after each round;
Activity with matching of either 8 reindeer;
Great background music and sound effects;
Fun and educational at the same;
A point system that gives bonuses for extra concentration;
A system that allows children of any age to enjoy and win.

Santa's Village is already available on the App Store and it costs $1.99.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Doom Classic Now Available for The iPhone

The Doom Classic is now available for the iPhone. The game includes the original three episodes as well as Episode Four, Thy Flesh Consumed, spread across 36 levels of non-stop carnage and action.

Also in DOOM Classic, multiplayer action is reborn! With a wireless connection, battle up to four players in Deathmatch mode, or work together cooperatively and fight back against the demons of Hell.

Game Features:
* Play the legendary first person shooter, DOOM, with an iPhone or iPod Touch;
* Fight through 36 missions in four action-packed episodes: Knee-Deep in the Dead, Shores of Hell, Inferno and Thy Flesh Consumed;
* Experience DOOM multiplayer on your mobile device, including Deathmatch and Cooperative play for up to four players via wireless internet;
* Choose from three different control types and customize the interface to suit your style;
* Explore the depths of Mars while utilizing the top down map to help your journey and save your game on the fly.

The Doom Classic is available at The App Store for $6.99.

Monday, November 02, 2009

IzyPhotoTip App Helps to Catch Happy Moments in Exact Places

All travelers and photographers using iPhone going to be happy with the new IzyPhotoTip application. This app helps to mark, schedule and plan the places for the best shots ever. It makes fun from Travelling and taking photos.

While traveling there are moments when you are unable to take photos and show off places, which you want. The reason can be different, but still sometimes it is possible to come back once. By the time, you come home; you will probably forget this fabulous place … Imagine how many marvelous pictures you lose...

IzyPhotoTip enables you to store all-important information about your photographing griffes and above all, you can afterwards look up desired location, where you wish to come back, with the most suitable equipment and at the best time. IzyPhotoTip can help you find new shots and make even better pictures of the places, you have been before.

Here are main features:
• Manage your photo Tips and locations
• Easy and quick GPS support
• Categorize your tips
• Support for tags
• Add image(s) (iPhone camera or Photo Library) to your Tips
• Save the best time for shooting the location
• Filter your Tips by name, notes, category or tags
• Roaming Friendly!
• Share Tips with friends
• Display Tips around you or around selected Tip
• and many more features!

Supported Languages: - English/Czech
System Requirements:

• iPhone™ with OS version equal or greater than 3.0.
• Activated data plan for map access and Tip sharing.

The IzyPhotoTip applicationis already in the apple store and it costs $3.99.

Monday, November 02, 2009

iPhone, Android & Windows Mobile - Protected by Smartphone Protection Managed Security Service

IT Security Experts, a Value Added Reseller for both Hardware and Software in the IT Security Field launched long awaited Smartphone Protection (SPMS) and GuardianEdge Encryption Managed Services (GEMS).

According to the It-Security-Experts, complete managed service protects and encrypts all company data stored and used on Windows Mobiles, I-phones, Palm Treo’s with (Symbian and Android also on their way) whilst also boasting a “remote kill function” for complete control over your companies most valuable asset “Data”.

As mentioned on the official site they experience both in On-Premis and Hosted Services made ITSE a logical choice... to take the “Blackberry” concept and create an affordable non generic, modern alternative.

It is always unpleasant to discover that your device is stolen or lost but nowadays it is less painful as ITSE's Smartphone Managed Service (SPMS) provides with full Smartphone Protection. Equipment disappearance does not mean you lose data.

SPMS (SmartPhone Managed Service) is provided on a per month, per user basis.

SPMS Benefits

• Single "provisioning" Email/SMS to access the System
• We manage the inbuilt Encryption on the new iPhone 3GS
• Fully managed 24x7x365 operations and support
• A central portal for key data recovery, audit logs, reporting and software deployment will be available around the clock through a Web Based Management Console
• Policy administration — adding or deleting users, updating policies or assigning new privileges
• Adjusting policies to comply with security requirements as defined by the organisation, or by local or national legislation
• Software upgrades — deploying software update profiles as new versions become available
• Key recovery administration — maintaining the online automated help system
• Automated Backup and Archiving of Stored Keys