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Find NASA in your iPhone

NASA app is now available on your iPhone and iPod touches of all generations with operating system version 3.0 or later. It’s quite abundant with missions,  pictures and videos. By filtering the missions you can enter the categories like Earth, Solar System, Moon and Mars, Universe etc. By tapping the Earth icon you will be able to see a real-time map of the location of the spacecraft over the Earth quite closely.

The app has the high resolution image option and status updates will be available on upcoming information, images and videos from various online NASA sources. For the operation the application requires also network connection for the iPhone as well as for the iPod.

In order to download the app properly you must verify if your Airplane Mode is actually OFF in Settings. Make sure that your WI-FI connection is sufficiently good to browse the program in Safari. After you download the app by clicking the FILTER button in the mission’s panel you will be able to turn on or off the missions that you want to see listed.

On the “image” page of the app you will find the latest NASA images from the most advanced telescopes.  Besides you will be able to use these pictures on your wallpaper by downloading them to your iphones’s camera roll.

In addition to all the application is free of charge and can be available in the App Stores.