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IM+Lite – lets you communicate easily for free

IM+Lite is an ad supported version of IM+ that was updated just recently.  It’s quite convenient messenger especially if we take into account that it’s free.  IM+ will keep you connected all-in-one to Twitter, Google Talk, Yahoo, MSN/Live Messenger, AIM/iChat, ICQ, MySpace and Jabber. With this app you can have multiple twitter and MySpace accounts, and almost every other IM service that exists. As for the full version it supports Facebook chat and Skype.

Besides all this you can send photos, voice memos, videos (3Gs only) and IM and MP3 files which can be played anywhere. And all that is for free.  The updated app is loading much faster now.

Using this app which is appropriate for hotmail, yahoo and Gmail you will get notifications instantly when new mails will arrive in your mailbox. And if you stay connected you will be notified also about new IMs even if you close IM+ up to 72 hrs.

You will have a wide range of different smileys to show various emotions. You can set geo-location as a dynamic status message to let your friends easily find you on a map.

In all it’s really a cool app to use. So go ahead and download it in the App Store for FREE!!!