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Profitable purchase with Barcode Reader

New Year comes with new needs for new purchases. The greater the choice the more difficult is to make it better and more profitable especially for those who think hundred times through a deal before making it.  A new app called Barcode Reader is quite a useful thing.  By means of a quick operation of an iPhone camera it delivers you all kind of possible information about a product. Reader helps you not only compare prices wit the on-line shops but it also provides you with the physical location of the retail store through the Google map function in your iPhone, or just redirects you to the product's web site to receive more complete information. 

The app operates very quickly at recognizing bar codes. Just take a picture of it with the camera phone and an action will start automatically.

Compare to other similar applications it must be said in behalf of Barcode Reader that it’s quite easy to use and it’s free.

You can download the barcode Reader in the App Store.