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Create MyToDo lists in your iphone

The more things you have to do during your everyday life the harder to remember everything and not to omit some urgent business unresolved. It often happens because of the overloaded memory with different small and big businesses to do. It becomes rather stressful when something is left unresolved or unchecked.

In order to make your life easier from this point with at least one problem less, MyToDo can really become your must-have app.

With MyToDo app you can group your to-do items into different lists. It automatically tracks time & date items marking those which are done and moving them to the bottom of the list by chronological order when you use the sort button. With this app you won't need to go through all the lists looking for the right one. It offers you a direct entry of text in the list and immediate access and control of reordering lists of things to do. Besides it acquires a feature by which you can open 10 to-do lists with 20 lines at once without scrolling from one page to another in order to find the needed item.

The app is free of charge and you can download it right HERE!!!