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Get enlightened in Slang with Slango Urban Dictionary in your iPhone

If you want to know what's it all about in the texts of your favorite rappers or what all those strange words mean that some cool kids throw out so quickly and easily using this language in their casual speech, then you definitely should download the app Slango Urban Dictionary.

This is the app enabling you the access to about 4 million slang words with their definitions quite quickly due to its New Quick Search technology. Besides with this app you can easily discover a Word of the Day and catch up on the past week's words. You can also bookmark your favorite words for offline viewing and share favourite terms or phrases over Facebook, Twitter or E-Mal.

Slango uses the online database from Urban Dictionary and you can add your own definitions at

The application requires an active internet connection to find you the requested words and is available at the iTunes App Store for $0.99