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Racing live - 24 Prestige Points

Racing Live is an exciting iphone game released just recently by Storm8 offering you 24 prestige points for free. That means that you'll be able to add one more crew member or purchase such things like Fuel, Focus, Energy etc for your car. This is a massively multiplayer on-line racing game where you are joint over 4.2 million players.

With the games gorgeous graphics and realistic racing sounds it feels like everything happens in reality. Besides the game gives you various opportunities to enjoy yourself and experience real adrenaline. Moreover you'll get regular updates with new races, cars, car parts etc. You'll be able to show off your racing skills, race other players live and comment on their races. You can also bring your friends into your crew and broadcast messages to them. So don't linger and go ahead as you can win more cars by performing better races.

But as we've already mentioned this is an on-line game and requires WI-FI connection for ipod touch owners.

The game is free and is available to download at the iPhone App store.