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Three iPhone apps to keep physical form every day

Physical form is one of the integral and necessary parts of our lives. If you want to keep fit, healthy and full of energy you should train, train and train. But at the same time you should know how to do that the right way and fallow the tips carefully. Otherwise you might harm yourself instead of becoming healthier.
I found a few free iPhone apps that might be very useful prompting you how to train by yourself without a personal trainer.
iPump Workout is available with over 400 ready-made Workouts, 4,000+ exercise images & videos, Drag & Drop Workout Builder, Exercise Image Creator and a lot more. Free Workout includes a sample exercise from each of our 19 Apps available on the App Store. Some great Fitness Facts & Myths, exercise philosophy, our Exercise Physiologist's bio and other educational information is included to help educate you the right way. With the intuitive LOG interface all you have to do is enter your reps, sets and weight for each exercise. Once you've completed a workout, all your tracking information gets automatically copied into your workout Log.
• Exercises require typical gym equipment
• Videos require Edge, 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity

2. Another app is Fatburner Coach Lite. This app is designed for women willing to lose their weight. You can build your own workout plan by choosing from a list of 50 training plans defining the training for an 8 week period. Your personal trainer will show you every single exercise and will give you the right instructions what to do the best and what to avoid. He will give vocal advice on the speed of the exercise as well. The app proposes also a fitness test to determine your fitness level. This lite version allows you to use 1 training plan for 1 day and is available for about 5 languages (English, German, Spanish, French, and Italian). The app is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.

The third app that might be very interesting for training not only your body but your soul as well. This app called “Prêt-à-Yoga” will guide you through the discipline of yoga explaining every breath and movement together and separately. Pret-a –yoga lite which is free includes the fallowing stages:
• Pranayama
• Sun Salutation A
• Sun Salutation B
• Beginner's Sequence

Try out these apps to keep always fit and easy.