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iPad windshield mount will test your multitasking skills!

USBFever's Car Windshield Mount for iPad is new device that you can mount on your windshield or dashboard in three minutes. This novelty is probably for you if your iPad is everywhere you go. Now you can watch movies and check your e-mails while driving the car just imagine! And you're able to test your multitasking skills!

But on the other hand you have to take into the consideration that iPad is mounted right in front of you obscuring your sight-lines and attracting your attention with challenging movie scenes or unread mails and you must focus on the road at the same time. Well, its really comfortable for passengers without an argument but for the driver it's really embarrassing and even more then a little. So Please estimate your possibilities before using Windshield Mount device for your iPad while driving.

Disclaimer: It's not safe to use your iPad while driving even in a windshield mount so Please don't use it.

This accessory is suitable for:

- Apple iPad
- eee PC (Netbook)
- DVD Player
- eBook

Price: 29 (USD).