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Linkin park 8-Bit Rebellion-Big surprize for music fans and gamers!

Announcing just release of the new app for iphone, ipod touch and ipad called 8 bit rebellion- new game created by rock band LINKIN PARK, game developer Artificial Life, Inc. and Warner Bros. It is a big surprise for music fans and gamers!

The main idea of the game is to retrieve the band's brand new, unreleased music track - Blackbirds, that is stolen. In the end, after completion of all missions during the game you can unlocked the song which was made exclusively for the game by Linkin Park. App offers adventurous game with six unique districts each demonstrating the bend's members specific style.

The game includes8-bit remixes of several Linkin Park tracks. Idea and actually production of the game started more then a year ago. Linkin park 8-Bit Rebellion is a result of Close cooperation of Linkin park, Artificial life and Warner bros. Bend members avatars were designed by Mike Shinoda the vocalist of linkin park.
For iPad's larger screen the user interface has been specially redesigned. The iPad app also includes two control schemes, allowing players to choose the setting that best suits their gaming style.

Additional game features include:
  • Personalization of players' avatars and apartments provide a unique community experience
  • Non-player characters (NPCs) inhabit the world, adding drama to the gaming experience
  • Shopping for virtual items with coins awarded by winning fights and completing missions
  • Earning trophies for adding friends to the rebellion
  • A news feed to stay up-to-date with Linkin Park
  • Facebook and Twitter integration connecting millions of social network users worldwide

The iPad app features include:
  • Enhanced graphics to allow players to see their avatars and the six districts come to life in great detail
  • Optimized user interface for the larger screen makes menu items easy to access at all times: equip weapons and change music tracks without ever leaving the main screen.
  • Multiple controls so gamers can choose between two control schemes to best fit their playing styles. The iPad-specific D-pad setup has been implemented for players more comfortable with button-oriented controls.