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This is a game for all generation!

Do you share our hunger for adrenaline? Then try new Boxing Fighter - a game for all generations.
Boxing Fighter is the first iPhone / iPod Touch Boxing game done in the classic styles of Street Fighter™ and Mortal Combat™, with beautiful landscape mode fights and massive special attacks! This definitely brought me back to my childhood days of epic Street Fighter™ battles in the arcades.I may not be a boxer but playing this game gave me all the adrenaline of being put in the ring. You have the option to choose from career or vs(quick matches) mode. If you choose career mode you have the option to customize and build your character. The range of options for character customization are a real bonus and really sets the game apart from some of the other boxing apps. If you don't feel up to snuff you can also train and improve your skills before you battle it out in the ring. Prove yourself in the ring with the classic app!
• The Lite version contains single fight mode only with 11 selectable characters

Full Version Features:

• Try yourself out on single fights, or go for the world title in the 100 bout career mode
• Unlock four different locations from the Street Bar to the Death Match Club
• Take your opponent to the ropes and win major title bouts to take home the belts!
• Train your fighter in various techniques to help you beat the stronger fighters
• Buy new gear for your boxer including training machines and enhanced equipment
• Discover opponent shattering special moves including the lightning blast and fists of fury
• The VS Mode on Wifi

elf out on single fights, or go for the world title in the 100 bout ca
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.
  • iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later
  • $1.99
  • Version:1.0
  • 23.6 MB
  • Languages:English, Chinese
  • Seller:Morning Egg Inc