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Get the required information wherever you like with iScanner on your iPhone

Now you're able to listen to all your favorite scanner feeds from across the United States from a single application. More then 4,700 feeds include police and fire departments, air traffic control, severe weather reports, emergency medical response teams, and even NASA shuttle descent feeds, each clearly indexed by state, county or by category. All above mentioned is available with new app iScanner 1.1 for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad which transforms the device into a portable police/fire/EMS scanner. With iScanner, you can listen to actual air chatter direct from the landing giving the users unique, first-hand experience. The app has just been released by Software development company Fusion Mobile Solutions Inc, so don't be late download the app now and get the information wherever you like!

* Listen to scanner feeds on iPhone and iPod touch devices
* Over 47,000 scanner feeds available from across the USA
* Easily locate scanners by state, county/metro, or by category
* Create/edit a list of your favorite scanners for easy access
* Categories include police, fire, EMS, air traffic control, amateur radio clubs, maritime, railroad, severe weather, and NASA shuttle launches.

Sample of the scanner feeds :
Anchorage, AK - Fire and Police
Los Angeles, CA - Police (LAPD), Fire, and EMS
Denver, CO - Police, Fire, and EMS
Boulder, CO - Police, Fire, and EMS
Miami-Dade, FL - Police and Fire
Atlanta, GA - Police, Fire, and EMS
Chicago, IL - Police, Fire, and EMS
Bangor, ME - Police and Fire
Jackson, MO - Police, Fire, and EMS
Camden, NJ - Police, Fire, and EMS
New York, NY - NY Fire Dept
Baker, OR - Police, Fire, EMS
Richland, SC - Police, Fire, EMS
Fredericksburg, VA - Police, Fire, EMS
Norfolk, VA - Police, Fire, EMS, Air Traffic Control

* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later
* 1.1 MB
Pricing and Availability:
iScanner 1.1 is only 0.99 USD and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Medical category. For more information visit Fusion Mobile Solutions online.