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Hollywood Hospital - most entertaining app for your iPhone

For the attention of all iPhone users, a new most entertaining app by Zed called Hollywood Hospital has just been released. The game play includes ironic look to the celebrities as the action contains making plastic surgery to them. You are responsible of their appearance and additionally the time is limited as red carpet won't wait for them. Mobilize all your time management skills to get your celebrity on red carpet without a flow.

The hospital is set in Hollywood in the middle of Tinseltown that has super-smart medical experts with Dr Mathers Storm in the head, known as award-winning Surgeon. You have to control Dr Mathers and his team, making fast diagnosis and healing patients in shortest time. The reason of the hospitalization of celebrities is the virus occurring in town that transformed Hollywood's residents into larger than life movie characters.

Manage your own hospital, add six extensions to it and treat the diseases on 35 levels and enjoy with most colorful characters from all Hollywood.

  • This app is loaded with fun and features including the ability for you to be able to start up your very own hospital in the heart of Hollywood where you will get to take care of all kinds of characters
  • You will get to treat people that have some crazy made up diseases that were inspired by different kinds of movie characters such as LockJaws and even Rambone
  • For each new character you will have to complete some comical mini games to be able to cure whatever kind of disease that they have come down with
  • As you complete the mini games and prove that you are a legit care center you will have the option to add more wards onto the building and you can have up to a total of 6 extensions
  • This is a very long game and you will have over 35 different levels that you can play in to try and master your ability to manage time and make a profit doing it
Pricing and Availability:
The app is available to download from App Store at the price of $1.99 for your iPhone or iPod touch.