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Pirate Battle 1.2 Brings Classic Game of Battleship to iPhone OS

Updated version of classic game Battleship has been released for iPhone OS. Green Eye’s this update has been introduced to the app store as Pirate Battle 1.2.
Pirate Battle includes all foreground features of it’s foregoing-Battleship that was always first between time-wasting entertaining games.
The game is naval battle where you have to find out the opponents hidden ships to sink them. In original Battleship five different ships between one and four squares in length are hidden within each users’s ocean grid. Players take turns calling out a box, and the opponent declares it a hit or miss. In Pirate Battle, Internet connected players tap a box in their blue ocean grid to fire, getting an explosion or splash in reply.
There are single-player and multi-player modes, both requiring an internet connection. One can challenge another player via their user name, a contact list, or random selection. Graphics and design are skillfully rendered, following a pirate treasure map motif. The highly detailed ships are seen in overhead view and are easily positioned, horizontally or vertically. Games may be saved and restored later.
Additionally, game includes an integrated chat system allowing players to comment during gameplay.

Feature Highlights:
 Online multiplayer via 3G, EDGE or W-Lan
 Round-based game
 Integrated chat system
 Single-Player Mode
 Push or email notifications
 Multi-lingual (German / English)
 Online High scores (Top 10 / Top 50)
 Personal scores saved within the app
 An ideal game to play while engaged in other activities

Language Support:
English and German

Pricing and Availability:
Pirate Battle 1.2 for iPhone or iPod touch is available now for $1.99 (USD) from the App Store in the Games category.