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Tidal Pool releases Receipts 2.0 with Google Docs and Evernote support

Tidal Pool Software has released updated version of Receipts for iPhone and iPod touch. New version Receipts 2.0 includes additional support for capturing multiple receipt photos, attaching a voice memo to a receipt, and uploading expense reports to Google Docs and Evernote.
With Receipts app you’re able to track and organize business and personal expenses (including car mileage), create accounts, categories. Besides, it includes five different types of custom receipt fields for local taxes, payment information, or anything else you want to track with your receipts.
You can add new receipts quickly with an optimized user interface and in any world currency with totals always available in your home currency. Enter receipt details, one or multiple receipt photos (with cropping support), and even record a voice memo.
Browse through the overview graphs to keep track of your spending. See how much money is spent on each account, category, unit (currency/mileage), and over time. Filter the results by account, category, unit, or time interval.
Generate expense reports with all the receipt details. Email or copy (WiFi) the reports with photos and voice memos included. Upload the reports with photos to Google Docs or Evernote. Google Docs converts the reports to spreadsheets while Evernote embeds photos and performs OCR (making finding receipts easy).
Additional advantages contain: an integrated calendar showing upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, map view, displaying your contact’s locations relative to your own (with filtering support).
Share your contacts as vCards by email or over WiFi. ContactBook also supports groups allowing you to organize your contacts using custom groups (e.g. work, friends).

                                          Feature Highlights:
* Full integration with the system address book database
* Quickly add and edit contacts with inline editing (requires fewer taps)
* Filter contacts by any field to find a contact or group of contacts
* Support for managing and organizing contacts by groups
* Rotate to browse contacts in CoverFlow mode
* Phone, text message, email, surf, and locate contacts
* View all upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates using the integrated calendar
* Locate your contacts with the built-in map view (with filtering support)
* Share contacts by email or WiFi (WebDAV/HTTP) as vCards
* Import vCards over WiFi (WebDAV/HTTP)
* Control which contact fields to share with others
* Create custom labels and assign them to fields

Device Requirements:
* iPhone and iPod touch
* Requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later
* 2.9 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Receipts 2.0 is available exclusively through the Apple App Store in the Finance category. Receipts Lite 2.0 is available for free and includes all the features of Receipts but is limited to 10 receipts.