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Learn the full set of diet and workout features with FitClick on your iPhone

A new app appeared for iPhone users on the App store today. The app is called FitClick, and it is developed by Genesant Technologies. FitClick for the iPhone is the first app that offers a full set of diet and workout features. The app has a lot to offer: calorie counter and food journal, customized diet plans and workout routines, diet and workout trackers and calories burned tracking. Besides, more than 800 exercise demo videos and a database of 118,000 foods and 12,000 recipes are included in the app.

The big advantage of the FitClick app is its full access to the web site. There you’ll find several diets and fitness programs, you'll learn about weight loss and find several helpful tools. No other app allows users to create their own diet plans and workout routines. It is easy to track your food and calories as well, burned or eaten. Additionally, you can use programs created by the site members and track these diets and workouts with the FitClick app on your iPhone.
Besides the best technology and an easy-to-use interface, FitClick offers users with a steady resource of fresh diet and fitness content.

About the company
FitClick is a leading provider of online diet, fitness and health information. FitClick is the product of
over a decade of software development by a technology team led by talented alums of the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology (MIT) computer science programs. FitClick and the FitClick iPhone app are solely owned by and a registered trademark of Genesant Technologies, Inc. Genesant is a Washington D.C. area software company founded in 1999 that specializes in the online and mobile publishing of diet, fitness and
health content in a direct-to-consumer, corporate wellness and
                                                                           white-label fashion.

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