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Rotice 2.0 is perfect app while driving your car

Introducing the new update of Rotice app for iPhone users. Rotice 2.0 is most comfortable app for those who drives a car, developed by Alberto Martin Rodriguez.
This app is perfect while driving your car, as it features a unique ability to diminish your distractions with only three parameters when starting the trip: contact, destination and advance notice.
Rotice 2.0 also features a map function, it provides you with the information about your current location as well as the progress of your journey in real time. Besides, the app stores your last 10 destinations.
But it isn’t all! Just imagine when you’re arriving to a place, Rotice makes a call to your contact from your addressbook with no need to touch the iPhone trying to find your contact and distract while driving.
Updated version is able to remember your parking position and if you parked in a paid parking zone it notices when the time is running out. New version includes iOS4 support, is completely redesigned and faster.

Herewith, take into the consideration that the developer is still working for new updates and in nearest future we’ll be able to download even more perfected app for our device.

- You reduce distractions  while driving
- Avoid traffic tickets
- Rotice stores your last 10 destinations
- In English and Spanish

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