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Fan Misery will satisfy all sports fan’s curiosity around the world

Introducing the newest iPhone app, simply perfect for uber-obsessed sports fans dealing with emotions of the game. Since today you can get all kind of information regarding sport, just with one app on your iPhone called Fan Misery.
What it does?
Fan Misery offers a method calculating Fan Misery Index (FMI). Detailed information for sports fans, about team statistics, game schedules, opinions, will be available any time. Real time news about: MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA teams will always be accessible on your Apple device.

What is Fan Misery Index (FMI)? FMI is calculating method based on both team statistics (win/loss %, home record, etc.) and fan opinions, similar to the S&P 500. On a scale it’s a value between 0 and 10 where 0 indicates bliss (completely sunny) and 10 represents the ultimate misery (cloudy & stormy). The FMI is updated daily for users to see if it's cloudy with a chance of baseballs or perfectly clear skies.

The app is functional for any sports novice as well. For example if you are not a big fan of sports and can’t tell the difference between a goal post and 3rd base the app will still be enjoyable and fun for you.

Herewith Fan Misery is FREE with in-app purchases for teams.

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