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Your pasta will always be perfectly cooked With Pasta Clock: take your time app on your iPhone

Food is equally important to everyone in the world, no matter of its social status, religion or nationality and everyone has its own lovely dish. Imagine for a second you’re coming back from work, tired and worn-out, but while entering your house you felt a delicious smell of your favorite dish. what can be better?

If you love Italian food, your favorite dish is pasta and you’re iPhone owner then Pasta Clock: take your time app developed by Modiv is perfect for you.
For example you decide to have a pasta for your dinner or supper so before cooking it open the app, choose the pasta you’re cooking and set the timer. Pasta Clock will calculate the cooking time of your pasta and will let you know when it is ready. The app’s database contains more than 2000 kinds of pasta of 30 different brands, with each cooking time connected.

Besides, Pasta Clock allows you to customize your personal cooking time. You can change the time of timer with your finger and personalize your cooking time. From today on, your pasta will always be perfectly cooked.
Choose the kind of pasta you want to cook, start the timer or personalize your cooking time and add your pasta to favorites.

Pasta Clock application is optimized for iPhone, iPod and iPad.  Devices without iPhone OS4 don’t receive notifications in the background, for a proper operation keep the application always open.

The company is planning to update the app in nearest future by expanding the pasta database and adding new features.

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