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MazeArtPlus: 60 3D mazes, 12 cute characters, fun engaging game for kids

MyVijan LLC the independent children app developer today is offering their new app-MazeArtPlus. MazeArtPlus for iPad is a perfect app for children. The app gives them a choice to lead one of 12 cute characters through the maze to it’s destination. Each character includes 5 levels and 5 mazes as well.
MazeArtPlus will motivate your children to solve mazes by creating an amazing place with fun sound tracks, cute characters, several maze shapes and even instructions in a child's voice.
The kids will really look forward to watching a fun character video after they solve a maze.
MyVijan LLC is planning to release more updates with new fun characters and new interesting mazes.

MazeArtPlus Features:
 * Easy Navigation - Drag your finger anywhere on the screen in the direction where you want character to move Or Point where you want the character to walk.
* Reference maze and character tracks - Character leaves tracks as it walks around the maze. Reference maze at the top right corner makes navigation easy.
 * Zoom feature. (2D or 3D views) - Zoom in and out buttons and 2 finger pinch zoom action. Zoom out to get the 2D top view of the entire maze. Play in this mode to get the visibility of the entire maze. Zoom in to get the 3D view. Play in this mode with reference maze for more fun and interactivity and 3D effect.
 * Ability to restart the maze - If you feel stuck in big maze, you can start from the beginning by restart button.
 * 5 Different difficulty levels per character. You can choose any level at any time. The game keeps track of which levels you have solved.
* Mazes with different fun shapes and sizes.
 * Fun video demo of the character after solving the maze.
 * Unique sound tracks for each character
 * Childs voice for instructions.

MazeArtPlus helps you build following skills:
 * Navigation using a map
 * Problem solving skills
 * Spatial skills

MazeArtPlus Characters:
 1) Bailey the Ballerina trying to reach her stage
 2) Fanny the fish looking for the treasure chest
 3) Barry the bird looking for its nest
 4) Danny the diver needs help to reach his boat
 5) Marvin the Mouse is hungry and wants some cheese
 6) Papa Penguin need help to find his eggs
 7) Sammy the Soccer ball wants to reach the net
 8) Bobby the school boy needs help to go to school
 9) Simona the squirrel looking for the nuts
 10) Peter the Puppy needs help to find his house
 11) Fire Truck needs help to reach the jungle
 12) Felicia the Fairy wants to reach her castle

Device Requirements:
 * Compatible with iPad
 * Requires iOS 3.2 or later
 * 80.5 MB

Pricing and Availability:
MazeArtPlus 1.0 is $1.99 USD and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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