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Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle - The best gesture game-play experience on iPad

Announcing the launch of Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle for iPad by d-Studio. The application is a beautifully designed game that is a new step in the development of Jigsaw Puzzle applications.
Join It offers to the users the most natural and easy type of controlling puzzle pieces. It uses amazing iPad gesture abilities and makes the app truly close to the real game. All you need is just to touch a piece and you can easily move, rotate or locate it as you please.
The gameplay includes some extra features like Grabbing, when you can take and move as many pieces as you wish with a simple gesture, or Destroying of the heaps, which provides dispersion of the pieces on double clicking.
The puzzle fans will be delighted with their favorite game and play it wherever they wish.
Doing a jigsaw Puzzle has never been so comfortable and natural. Each time a user starts the game, he gets the full experience of the real thing.
Join It interface looks like an photo album where all jigsaw puzzles are stored. The picture library have 50 preloaded HD pictures that will be interesting for both adults and children. Join It gives user possibility to create a puzzle that ranges from 4 pieces to 300 pieces.

Game features:
* Absolutely realistic control - gives a user chance to try a real jigsaw puzzle on your iPad. Pieces movement controls are absolutely natural and new in comparison with other similar puzzle apps
* Unique set of gestures - makes Join It very comfortable, interesting and close to real game
* Adding images - Join It gives a user opportunity to add new pictures to jigsaw puzzles library from the Photo library or On-line resource
* Sound effects - game has nice sound which user can switch On/Off
* Different Jigsaw sizes - a user can create Jigsaw with 4~300 pieces
* Zooming and Moving - while working on the picture user can zoom and move round the big game table. This creates the impression of a live game
* Quality pictures included - Join It has more then 50 preinstalled HQ images which is free to all users
* High Scores - table made for all difficulty levels of all finished Jigsaw Puzzles

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad
* Requires iOS 3.2 or later
* 37.4 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Join It - Jigsaw Puzzle 1.0 is available now just for $3.99 and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in Games category.

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