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Friday, January 29, 2010

Sportacular a sports journal in your iPhone

For those who are real sports addicts this iPhone application is really what they can use quite frequently. This app called Sportacular 1.4 can always keep you in course of all events concerning your favorite team and not only.
Though you will not have an opportunity to see video highlights, but you will be able to find scores, stats and headlines to give you a clear picture what’s going on in the world of sports. You can also search the right information by the color coding that the app uses – green for live games, red for postponements, blue for completed ones and grey for games still to be played. You can also find the winning team’s name there including all major American sports leagues, even college football and basketball, and European soccer. Tap the icon at top left to switch sports. The Scores screen shows the latest, tap back and forth through dates to see more scores or schedules, or tap a matchup to see the details.

Sportacular is the most comprehensive sports app available for free at the App Stores to keep you always updates in the sports world.
Thursday, January 28, 2010

Join as many friends as you want with your TextPlus

SMS messaging is a common way of communication n the current world. One simple thing that this usual messaging lacks is the inability to create group messaging with several friends and among them simultaneously. Although an app called “TextPlus” developed by Gogii Inc. available for iPhones will give you such an opportunity. Even those owners of iPod touch can take advantage of this app. Besides it’s available for free on the iTunes and will allow you to send and receive texts from your friends all for free.
You can use TextPlus to text through WI-FI, 3G and Edge. Although your friends can join your conversation any time even if they don’t have this app on their phone.
You can edit your avatar on the TextPlus by adding any image on your iPhone.
The application is available at the App Store.
Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Organize your life with DailyTracker

If you intend to plan every moment of your life the DailyTacker app is the best solution for your iPhone. It’s a wonderful organizer for your everyday life as in personal part as well as in business part of it.
DailyTracker allows you to note such things as your habits, goals, illness, medication, food allergies, expenses, earnings, memories, news, and time spent on projects and much more that might have pace in your life. You can also stay up-to-date with the latest RSS feeds on your phone.
The pp allows classifying the information you note by the trend charts in order to find quickly and easily what you’re looking for. The other feature that this app acquires is the ability to add voice memos to tasks.
This app can serve you as some kind of reminder or necessary data server. Anyway by DailyTracker you will undoubtedly always be organized will never miss something that’s very important for you.
The app is available at the iPhone App Store.
Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Want to have your own hotel Empire? –Hotel Mogul is at your disposal

Hotel Mogul is a new amusing game for iPhone and iPod touch developed by Alawar Entertainment specializing in development, publication and distribution of casual games since 1999.
In the tutorial of the game you will learn out the main plot which consists of the activities of a young business woman Lynette who has lost all her built company and accumulated property after the divorce with her husband. The main aim she faces with a little sum of money in her pocket and a little pot of land in her property is to return back her former possessions. For this purpose she must buy back a vast global empire of hotels, restaurants and amusement parks.
The game contains over 35 different levels in five global regions; it also has four mini “find-it” games to continue the story; More than 15 building types with upgradeable features and 12 special awards to work towards throughout the game.
Hotel Mogul is an Arcade style game with quite colorful and bright design. The graphics are vibrating and the sounds are great.
If you decided to test the game before purchasing it you can download the light version which is also available. The light version includes ten of the games levels in two of the global regions, and a limited number of building types.

The cost of the game is $1.99 and you can download it right here.
Monday, January 25, 2010

WebMD Mobile – a rescue team in you iPhone

Our life is so unpredictable that no one knows what might be prepared for us the next moment. The more we are prepared less serious are the outcomes. Free iPhone app called WebMD Mobile gives us such an opportunity to learn about different health tips concerning different symptoms, drugs, treatments and even first aid instructions.
You can get necessary information very operatively about different drugs, vitamins, natural herbs. In case not to be lost in emergency situations this app proposes emergency first aid trainings.
As soon as you download WebMD Mobile you can find the mannequin on the screen of your iPhone. Just tap him on the part of the body where you or your relates face problems and by zooming in on the body part you will be able to find all relevant information about the existing symptoms.
Although don’t disregard to consult your physician, as the app may not include complete or sufficient information concerning one particular case.
The app is free of charge and is available at he iTunes AppStore.
Friday, January 22, 2010

Find NASA in your iPhone

NASA app is now available on your iPhone and iPod touches of all generations with operating system version 3.0 or later. It’s quite abundant with missions,  pictures and videos. By filtering the missions you can enter the categories like Earth, Solar System, Moon and Mars, Universe etc. By tapping the Earth icon you will be able to see a real-time map of the location of the spacecraft over the Earth quite closely.

The app has the high resolution image option and status updates will be available on upcoming information, images and videos from various online NASA sources. For the operation the application requires also network connection for the iPhone as well as for the iPod.

In order to download the app properly you must verify if your Airplane Mode is actually OFF in Settings. Make sure that your WI-FI connection is sufficiently good to browse the program in Safari. After you download the app by clicking the FILTER button in the mission’s panel you will be able to turn on or off the missions that you want to see listed.

On the “image” page of the app you will find the latest NASA images from the most advanced telescopes.  Besides you will be able to use these pictures on your wallpaper by downloading them to your iphones’s camera roll.

In addition to all the application is free of charge and can be available in the App Stores.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

IPhone App Yelp is looking forward to the iPhones newest version

Yelp is undoubtedly interesting, useful and favorite app for many iPhone and iPod users.  It’s mainly known feature “check-in” allows you to provide your friends using Yelp with the useful information about specific businesses you are visiting.

With updated version this app acquired such features as user-reviewed listings for restaurants, bars and banks etc. using iPhone’s GPS connection for reaching your friends.  

In addition this app contains a new augmented reality feature called “Monocle”. It shows you what’s nearby when you turn round with your iphone’s camera. These kinds of applications being under development wait for the release of the iPhone OS 3.1 to officially enable the feature. This explains why the augmented reality feature in the Yelp application was included as a hidden Easter egg to avoid detection by Apple's reviewers.

As soon as you download an updated Yelp app (which is by the way FREE) you must shake your iPhone three times to activate a feature “Monocle”.  A message in form of a blue box will let you know if the feature has been activated.  When the button appears in the top right corner you will be able to use it.  But you should take into consideration that it works only with iPhone 3GS.

Download Now

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bungee Stickmen - 2010: Space Edition

A new exciting game named “Bungee Stickmen“will never let you get bored and always care about your good mood. 
You have to calculate the rope and watch the little stickmen dive. They are extreme sportsmen. All you have to do is just pulling them as close to the ground as possible. But be careful not to overdo it. Otherwise they will splat. Thus before starting the game you have to calculate which size you need for the rope. For this purpose you must take into account Bungee Tower Height, Stickman Height, Stickman Weight and rope flexibility. Remember that as closer your stickman comes tot the ground, the more scores you gather, but if he hits the ground you will lose your scores, so be careful. Each fallowing level is more difficult than the previous one, but you should try it anyway. So go ahead and complete all 180 for more extreme.
It’s quite an amusing performance and is worth seeing. In addition it’s available for free on the iTunes.
Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How to make your iPhone battery last long?

A battery for our iPhone can be considered as a driving engine – a heart which has to be taken care of and protected properly.  Moreover if your iPhone has some problems with its batteries it can cost you enough much money and still it’s not so obvious if it can be subject to repair.  Besides we should take into consideration that a lithium-ion battery is of an outstanding quality and with sensitive and proper care it may serve for several years.

Consequently as soon as you start taking care of you iPhone battery it will serve you longer and better.

·         The first and foremost is to avoid your iPhone from dropping. This is the most common rule which is known for everyone but is often ignored and disregarded.

·         Let the battery fully discharge and fully charge at least once a month. Thus the buttery keeps the electrons in the lithium-ion battery moving.

·         Avoid keeping your battery in the humid environment as well as in the places of high temperature as heat destroys the ability of ionization in the lithium-ion battery. Room temperature is the best for your iPhone to keep in.

·         Wireless connectivity as well as Bluetooth has similar battery usage so you should keep these features turned off while not using them.

·         Try not to charge your iPhones with vehicles or after market chargers.  They are not accurate in charging. Taking into account that lithium-ion batteries are designed to be charged at an exact charge rate and voltage, these chargers will also be likely to damage them.

 Yet this is not a full list of rules that have to be fallowed but quite enough to ensure long life for the battery and thus the iPhone itself. 

Monday, January 18, 2010

Gorillacam will make your photo memories better

Gorillacam is one of the most prominent iPhone apps released in 2009 by Joby. With this app your picture quality is quite improved. Especially when you use it together with Gorillamobile for iPhone 3G you can position your iPhone almost everywhere.

Besides it possesses unlimited rapid-fire that means that you can take fast unlimited photos up to 1.6 frames per second just pressing and holding the button to take enormously many photos at super speed. That’s quite convenient to catch and fix the rarest moments quickly.

Self-Timer – is the perfect feature when gathering and taking a group.  You have up to 90 second to get the best position before the cam after you hit the button. Plus the 3-shot-burst takes three quick photos in a rapid succession.  So you have less risk for unsuccessful photos.

Time-lapse can snap photos as fast as 1 second apart, or up to 2 minutes apart.  It is a good feature for making a slideshow of an event or some happening.

You can also turn on the feature “Press Anywhere” and take photos by only touching the screen anywhere. Bubble Level and Grid over lay are also remarkable for creating more interesting photos with rule of thirds in your composition and working in vertical as well as in horizontal orientation.

Thus this app can make your photography an interesting and exciting activity.  It’s available for FREE in the iPhone App Store.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Lettingweb iPhone App Puts UK in the Palm of Your Hand

UK’s favourite letting only property portal, makes searching for properties to rent in the UK even easier with a touch of a button in the palm of your hand.

In order to be the first to enquire about the property of your dreams, Lettingweb recommends using the iPhone’s GPS.

According to the Lettingweb, if you want to find your current location in the UK you can search for available flats or houses to rent nearest you with a quick tap of a button.

The great advantage of the application is that besides providing information where properties are, there are a slick photo slideshow of the property and contact information of the agent.
Using Lettingweb iPhone App seems very comfortable, especially after reviewing the key features.

Among the key features are:

- Browse thousands of properties
- Find your exact location and available properties near you
- Search based on area, postcode, street, price, property type and number of bedrooms
- View photos and contact the letting agent by phone or email
- Keep a shortlist


Friday, January 15, 2010

Soccer On - real discovery for soccer communities

A new application developed by Paul Wood Technologies - - is a real discovery and a must have IPhone and IPod Touch application for soccer players, amateurs and all those who somehow might be involved in this exciting game.  This app. is a powerful soccer journal and soccer companion, which keeps you always in course of all possible events of the game and prevents you from missing the game.
By this app you can collect all the data you need about soccer including stats, photos, and you can even make notes about the game. The app. will group all the collected data by seasons and games. All the information about season record, goals, assists, saves per game for your team as well as for opponents, location of event and etc. is stored and accessible throughout the season.
The Soccer On app. has an easy roster setup; GPS Tracking mainly for iPhone 3G, 3GS, but available as well for 1st Gen iPhone and iPod touch with limited use; game tacking and reporting and mapping (although mapping is limited for iPod touch as it needs network connection).
The Soccer On costs only $3.99 and can be purchased and downloaded right here.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bloomberg – always in course

Bloomberg is a necessary app for business people.  It not only gathers and provides you with financial news but also tracks stocks with an impressive interface and it’s free.

Bloomberg contains a read-only news-feed and statistics on various exchanges throughout the global markets.  You can simply enter the company name into the stock finder and find there highs, lows, tables, graphs and charts with the data about a particular company.  If you are interested you can add it to your portfolio – My Stocks and keep track of the stock price with a stock chart and links to news for a particular stock.

Thus you will always be supplied with necessary and useful information about stock markets, leading and lagging companies, their descriptions etc. as soon as you enter the company name into the stock finder.

 You can download the app here.

Monday, January 11, 2010

IM+Lite – lets you communicate easily for free

IM+Lite is an ad supported version of IM+ that was updated just recently.  It’s quite convenient messenger especially if we take into account that it’s free.  IM+ will keep you connected all-in-one to Twitter, Google Talk, Yahoo, MSN/Live Messenger, AIM/iChat, ICQ, MySpace and Jabber. With this app you can have multiple twitter and MySpace accounts, and almost every other IM service that exists. As for the full version it supports Facebook chat and Skype.

Besides all this you can send photos, voice memos, videos (3Gs only) and IM and MP3 files which can be played anywhere. And all that is for free.  The updated app is loading much faster now.

Using this app which is appropriate for hotmail, yahoo and Gmail you will get notifications instantly when new mails will arrive in your mailbox. And if you stay connected you will be notified also about new IMs even if you close IM+ up to 72 hrs.

You will have a wide range of different smileys to show various emotions. You can set geo-location as a dynamic status message to let your friends easily find you on a map.

In all it’s really a cool app to use. So go ahead and download it in the App Store for FREE!!!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Profitable purchase with Barcode Reader

New Year comes with new needs for new purchases. The greater the choice the more difficult is to make it better and more profitable especially for those who think hundred times through a deal before making it.  A new app called Barcode Reader is quite a useful thing.  By means of a quick operation of an iPhone camera it delivers you all kind of possible information about a product. Reader helps you not only compare prices wit the on-line shops but it also provides you with the physical location of the retail store through the Google map function in your iPhone, or just redirects you to the product's web site to receive more complete information. 

The app operates very quickly at recognizing bar codes. Just take a picture of it with the camera phone and an action will start automatically.

Compare to other similar applications it must be said in behalf of Barcode Reader that it’s quite easy to use and it’s free.

You can download the barcode Reader in the App Store.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Iphone voice commands

The iphone voice command is mainly possible on iphone 3G and upper. You can give different kinds of commands to you iphone such as “call Alex” for example or “dial (phone number, which must be said slowly), “play music”, “play song by (name of the artist or song)” or “what is the music?” 

  It's possible to set commands on many different languages so this feature is quite multicultural. To set a language you must go to Settings > General > International > Voice Control.

Then you have to navigate to your contacts within your phone, then slide a finger along right side on the contact you want to call, tap the contact's name and then the desired phone number. 

If you have your iphone in the pocket carrying headsets, you can just hold down the middle button until the voice command announces, say a command and then wait for the confirmation what means that the phone started to implement the operation. 

It’s either convenient for those who have troubles with using their iphones touch as well as for blinds and disables.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

AirStrash increases iPhone storage wirelessly

There are still many of those who don’t have the latest 32 GB iPhone 3GS and are usually short of memory space. Now the extension of your iPhone memory storage is available even on your 8GB iPhones of the first generation. AirStash is an expandable flash drive (via SD memory) that you will be able to access from your iPhone. Just plug AirStash into your Mac, transfer some files to the mounted volume, and go wherever you want with AirStash and iPhone in your pocket. As the manufacturers claim it is possible to connect to this gadget wirelessly from your handset. Although it’s not known yet if the gadget is compatible with other devices than iPhone and iPod touch as well as many other details until its official launched. But fro the first glance it seems quite useful and quick solution when some extra space is needed so much. 
Monday, January 04, 2010

Play Glow Hockey in the dark

Glow Hockey is the best ever version of the table hockey. It can be played in dark and even would look more exciting due to it's neon lights. With its wonderful graphics and animation its on the top among the free iPhone apps in the App store. The sounds leave the effect of glass breaking each time you hit the puck.

 The free version has fewer options and does not have more difficult levels but it's limited to easy and medium ones and it also can be played only by one player. Although the free version lacks some functions and features that the full one offers, it’s still quite exciting and entertaining during your free time. 

You can download a free version of the game here

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Where to Get Started on Developing iPhone Apps

The advent of the iphone app store has fostered a movement and an outlet for developers to jump on the Apple bandwagon and make some real money. Spending long days on design, programming, web hosting, and all sorts of topics can be very exhausting and developers are turning to an escape from their normal day to day tasks. Applications are springing up everywhere, are written about every topic, and have an audience of thousands and rising. How can developers join this momentum and create applications that will sell? There are a few things to look at before you begin, as well as some great applications and programs already available.

Choosing a subject for your application is the first crucial step. It does not have to be the most creative and original idea, it just has to cater to a market that is looking for a solution to their problem. Look around at the everyday things you work on and what others use and think about on a daily basis. The app should provide some functionality, save the user time and resources, and provide some type of enjoyable experience. Start opening your eyes and ears and observing people and you will find something that will make someone’s life a little easier or happier. Just remember, virtually anything can become an iphone application.

For the serious developers, Apple offers a program which gives you the tools and instruction to develop your own applications and sell them in the Apple store. Development tools such as Xcode and the iphone simulator are included as well as videos and documents detailing best practices and guidelines to help you get started. In addition, there is a forum platform where you can ask questions and get needed feedback concerning the process and the program. When you have finished your project, free web hosting is available, as well as the ability to sell it in their store for a small percentage of the profits.

If you need to do some work on the go, iphone applications and tutorials are currently available specifically for developers to make their job easier. The first is “Developer Notes”, built exclusively for the web development and software audience. You can assign specific tasks, organize notes and due dates, and email you or others, all in one interface. “Source viewer” is another handy application which enables you to view the HTML source code of a website in an easy to read format. Lastly, tutorials can be found on the web. They are specifically designed to help developers who are branching into the iphone application arena. Search for online databases of free iphone SDK tutorials. These sessions will supply a foundation for development and give you the tools necessary for building applications utilizing different coding platforms.

After the typical, boring discussions on design, web hosting, and test servers, developers need an outlet to get creative and generate some revenue. Creating iphone applications can be very rewarding and worthwhile, and it is easy to get started on the journey. As you can see, there are many resources available for the beginner and advanced developer, allowing for a smooth learning curve and a painless experience.